275bhp Hyundai Veloster N: last sighting reveals new interior design

Hyundai performance division is preparing a hot version of the Veloster, which will mark the N entry of the brand in the u.s. market.

The Veloster N, as it is expected to be called, has been spotted testing under heavy camouflage at the Nürburgring after a month of the brand boss has said that a second model, N was as a result of 2018.

Follow the i30N N range, but, probably, not sold in the same markets, such as that of the automobile, including the UNITED kingdom, where the Veloster was not offered from 2014.

As shown by the development of the car, the Veloster N will get the 10-spoke wheels and more aggressive bodywork, coating suggests a large rear wing. On the back, a pair of large-diameter exhausts hint at the car’s performance. This last sighting has also revealed the interior of the car for the first time, even if it was with zebra-patterned covers.

Hyundai has refrained from commenting on the model, but is expected to use a more powerful version of the i30N of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which produces around 275bhp.

This would be the standings close for the next-generation Ford Focus ST, which is expected to produce the same output from its 1.5-liter engine when it arrives in 2018.

Hyundai’s decision not to sell the i30N in North America has been connected with the impending arrival of the Veloster N, which is expected to be the most suitable for that market.

A Veloster RM16 N was also seen testing on the Nürburgring circuit. Sources believe shows that N is experimenting with the idea of a high-performance halo sports car.