Putin thanked representatives of the Jewish community of the Russian Federation for defending the historical truth

Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX – Russia will be to avoid the politicisation of the question of the heroism of Soviet soldiers during the Second world war, but will stand for objectivity and historical truth, said President Vladimir Putin.

At the meeting with chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar and President of the Federation of Jewish communities Alexander Boroda Vladimir Putin thanked them for their stance to defend the historical truth and the role of Russia in the Second world war. The head of state stressed the importance of understanding the consequences of extremism and nationalist ideas, which are expressed in the extermination of entire peoples.

“We must do everything to prevent this in the future. Therefore, we will do our best to avoid any politicization. But in matters of this kind we will certainly strive for objectivity and to truth, which can only be based just society”, – Putin said, expressing confidence that the words of the representatives of the Jewish community of Russia on the role of Soviet soldiers in the Second world war will be heard around the world.

Lazar in turn, noted that the Jews, according to tradition, in the New year, remember the feats of those heroes who saved Jewish people during the various wars. “In this regard, I would like to thank for the fact that in Russia today all the time are doing everything possible to historical truth is preserved,” he said.

He also thanked Vladimir Putin for a posthumous award of officer of Jewish origin, Alexander Pechersky, who led the uprising in the Sobibor death camp.

According to him, this topic is important because the Soviet soldiers played a major role in the liberation of many peoples from fascism and suffered the heaviest losses. The Rabbi also noted Russia’s desire to upgrade the Museum on the site of the former concentration camp Sobibor in Poland.

“And the fact that today I want to exclude Russia from this project, for us it’s immoral,” – said Lazar.

He said that the Russian Jews will raise this issue at a meeting with leaders of other Jewish communities and will continue to advocate Russia’s participation in this project.