Jews prepare to meet 5778, the year from creation (extended version)

Moscow. September 20. INTERFAX – on Wednesday evening, Jews around the world will celebrate Rosh Hashanah-the new year 5778 in the Hebrew calendar, which counts from the creation of the world.

This is one of the brightest and most colorful of Jewish holidays, which is considered to be both a day of judgment, when God weighs people’s actions and determines everyone’s fate for the coming year.

An essential attribute of Jewish new year table are sweet challah and apples with honey. These dishes symbolize hopes for a sweet and good year. Fish head is designed to ensure that everyone present would wish another in good deeds “to be the head and not the tail.” The fruit is ripe pomegranate and its many seeds reminds the Jews about the fullness of the commandments of the Torah and how it is important to fill the coming year of good deeds.

“Now we make more fun in this holiday. In the last few hundred years we started to look a little different eyes at our relationship with God: we believe that when we are rejoicing, God also looks at us with joy,” – said the President of the Federation of Jewish communities Alexander Boroda, the TV channel “Russia-24” (VGTRK).

In his congratulation he said that every year on Rosh Hashanah, Jews begin a new Chapter of life, I ask the Creator to grant peace and a good future to their descendants and their country.

One of the most important commandments of the holiday is to hear the sound of the shofar reminded A. Beard. “To remember the special connection of the Jewish people with God, we listen to the shofar, which symbolizes the voice of our heart, then our heavenly Father sees it and accepts our repentance”, – he explained.

According to the leader of the community, the past year has been productive for Russian Jews: expanded charitable and social projects, more and more people are returning to their roots, you come to the synagogue and create a Jewish family. “I think that the rise of Jewish life is visible to the merit of each of you! Because of the good deeds you inspire others and make the world a better place!” – said A. Beard.

In turn, the chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, in an address to the believers said that their calendar the Jews are from the day when God created the first man, thus thanks to the Lord for the gift of life and declaring that our purpose in this world is to do the will of the Creator.

“In that moment, when we recognize that the world is a complete system that he created by the Creator according to a single plan, we remind ourselves that man has a task in this world, and it is responsible for maintaining the divine harmony… no wonder since the Lord created the world with elements of imperfection: thus he gave man the opportunity to improve their environment, not just to serve God but to become His partner, to stand next to Him!” – said in greeting the Rabbi.

Lazar wished the Jews to their business and promises received the blessings from God and that the coming year has become for every kind and sweet.