In the Kirghiz madrasah began to teach the cooks, hairdressers and welders, to protect youth from extremism

Osh/Bishkek. September 18. INTERFAX – Pupils of Muslim schools of Kyrgyzstan to confront the growth of religious radicalism in the Republic began to teach secular professions.

“In Jalal-Abad oblast (southern Kyrgyzstan), about 100 girls studying in madrassas (Muslim secondary education institution – if), already done courses of cooks. Some of them even managed to find a job in the city’s restaurants, cafes and pastry shops” – said on Monday “Interfax” the representative of the Foundation for teaching students of madrasah Narynbek Kadyrsizov.

According to him, teaching pupils of madrasah secular professions, the authorities are trying to protect young people from the influence of religious extremists. “After training young people are employed, thus the pupils of the madrasah busy work, and once they succumb to radical movements,” he said.Kadyrsizov.

“The students of madrasas teach the most in-demand professions in society, such as cook, hairdresser, welder and others, as representatives of the project provide the necessary equipment for training. We arrange the internship, and then, already convinced of their professional skills, employers are offering them to stay,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

He noted that the initiative of training of pupils of madrasah skills and liked the local authorities, who are sponsoring the training. Over time, the project will cover madrassas throughout the country.