“Brexit” critical Colin Firth opted for an Italian passport for ‘ family reasons’

Most of the threats and promises exchanged during the row over “brexit” have not yet been tested by time, but this weekend at least one is come to pass. The Oscar-winning film actor and producer Colin Firth, insensitive, Theresa may, position statements, in Florence, has accepted the Italian nationality, according to the Italian interior ministry in Rome.

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It has been reported that the actor had made an official request to the Italian nationality in response to the vote to leave the European Union, while last year Firth apparent opposition to the outcome of the referendum has been noted in an Austrian newspaper.

He was said to have described brexit “a disaster of proportions unexpected. The actor’s agent has said the decision to apply for a new passport at the embassy of italy in London, had been a family decision. He did not want to confirm that it had nothing to do with “brexit”.

“Colin applied for dual nationality, British and Italian] in order to have the same passport as his wife and children,” the officer said.

The 56-year-old star came to fame as Jane Austen is to be away from Mr. Darcy, the epitome of the reluctant English nobleman, in a famous 1995 adaptation of the BBC Pride and Prejudice. But from now Firth is officially like the Italian spaghetti carbonara.

“The very famous actor, who won an Oscar for the film The King’s Speech, is married to a citizen of our country, and has often declared his love for our country,” the Italian interior ministry said.

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Firth, who grew up and went to school in Hampshire, has been married to Italian environmental activist, fashion entrepreneur and film producer Livia Giuggioli since 1997. The couple live in Chiswick, London, with their two sons Luca, 16 years old, and Matteo, 13.

Since Italy is one of the few european countries which allows dual nationality, Firth is expected to keep his British passport and a home in this country.

Firth and Giuggioli, 47, also have a house near the town of Città della Pieve in Umbria, and the actor speaks Italian well. His 2008 film Genova, directed by Michael Winterbottom, tells of a widower who falls in love with Italy, and then with an Italian woman. The actor, who also starred in the successful films, The English Patient, Bridget jones’s Diary, Love Actually, and Shakespeare in Love, is currently promoting his new film Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the result of the irony, action-packed 2015 hit.

Since the “brexit” decision, a growing number of Britons have applied for citizenship in the countries of the EU, with Irish applications stand out above all others. Any British born in the Republic of ireland or in Northern Ireland or with an Irish parent or grandparent, has the right to an Irish passport and there is an estimated six million people could be eligible.

May is out of her way to Florence to the commitment of hundreds of thousands of Italians living in the united KINGDOM shall retain their full rights.