Kidnapped code helps to target tech giants


Hackers booby-trapped widely used security software, also used their malware to infiltrate in the machines in tech companies, suggests the analysis.

Evidence that other companies had been committed came to light as the Cisco researchers analyzed how the attackers got into the popular program CCleaner.

Millions of people downloaded a version of Windows that the hackers had been laced with malicious code.

Cisco, said that the attackers sought valuable intellectual property.The cleaning of

The last week CCleaner creator Piriformis revealed that the attackers had arrived in a hijacked copy of the version 5.33 that works in Windows on some download servers. The trap code was available for about a month, between August and September,

Millions of people downloaded the danger of the version of CCleaner but the damage was limited because who thinks that had not been updated to include elements that could scan machines and steal data.

However, Cisco said that its analysis suggests that the attackers had taken a further step in the machines in high-tech firms that had managed to infiltrate.

Hi-tech giants as Cisco, Intel, Google, Samsung and Microsoft, among the 20 companies that are believed to have been successful in this way.

“These new findings raise our level of concern about these events, as elements of our research point towards a possible unknown, actor sophisticated,” wrote the Cisco researchers.

Cisco said that it was likely that a lot of other companies that had been hit by whoever was behind the sophisticated and powerful attack.

It is recommended that people clean up after discovering that he had been committed to restore machines from backup, since it was not clear what the rest of the code of the attackers had been installed in the computers. Said he was still analyzing the code to find out exactly what they did.

Cisco said that it was not yet clear who carried out the sophisticated attack in CCleaner and the other technology companies.