Gym of the implementation of the Covenant pays $1 million broken promises


Fitness app Pact, which promised to members of the financial rewards for the accomplishment of its health goals, has settled accusations that it broke its promises.

The application that the village exercise and dietary goals, and commanded them a worth of between $5 (£3.70) and $50 if you were not able to meet your goal.

Pledged to share some of the “fines” with the members that did get to their goals.

But the Federal Trade Commission said that the Covenant had begun to return the money improperly taken from subscriber.

Covenant – originally known as GymPact – was launched in 2012 to help people meet fitness goals.

The promises were verified using a smartphone, the location data and photographs to prove that the members had been in the gym.


People could choose how much they would be “fined” if they were not able to meet their own targets.

The FTC alleged that the company had broken its promises and accused of “tens of thousands” of persons of worth, even if they have fulfilled their fitness goals, or cancelled your subscription.

He also said that the application does not pay the rewards he had promised,

“Unfortunately, even when consumers perform his part of the deal, the Covenant could not fulfill their promises,” said FTC Tom Pahl.

As part of the agreement, the company will return $940,000 members who earned awards in cash or incorrectly have been loaded.

The BBC has tried to contact the directors of the Pact team.