Tatiana Gevorkyan, Irina Khakamada, Vlad Lisovets and others at the opening of the exhibition in Moscow

Tatiana Gevorgyan

Yesterday, September 19, in the gallery Today the Marianna Sardarova, the opening of the photo exhibition “Order”. The authors of the exhibition are two representatives of the Moscow Neoclassicism — Mikhail Rozanov, Alexey Gintovt.

The order they interpretiruya in the spirit of the ancient philosophy of Platonism — as a confrontation of cosmos and chaos, and the project presented and implemented in the framework of the Moscow international Biennale of contemporary art, which for the first time will last for four months from 18 September to 19 January.

Personally evaluate the order of two artists came Irina Khakamada, Vlad Lisovets, Vladimir Glynin, Anna Ivchenko, Nina Gomiashvili and many other lovers of contemporary art.

Irina Khakamada

Vlad Lisovets

Vladimir Glynin

Vladimir Glynin and Nina Gomiashvili

Marianna Sardarova

Jurate Gurauskaite

Oksana Bondarenko

Lidia Alexandrova

Yan Yanovskiy

Tatiana Gevorgyan

Alisa Hazanova

Michael Druyan, Anton Zhelnov, Denis Kataev

Victoria Borisevich son

Anna Ivchenko

Mikhail Rozanov, Alexei Gintovt