Deliveroo shows the cost of the business activity

Losses are a strong economy, increased gig food delivery service companies, Deliveroo, according to its latest accounts.

The company operates Roofoods, from a global loss of £129 in 2016, up from £30m in the year 2015.

Deliveroo sales of £128.56 m, up from £18.1 m, however, the cost of the goods to the customer € 127.47 m, so that there is a razor-thin profit margin.

On top of that, the company, the funding was to plan an international expansion.

Deliveroo is now in 12 countries, including Germany and Singapore.

It connects thousands of Bicycle couriers to the customers want system food from restaurants that do not provide their own delivery.

Deliveroo is not engaged, your drivers directly, but pays you per delivery – hence the term “gig”.

In July, the company has said it will pay, illness and injury benefits to 15,000 drivers in the UK would, if the laws were changed.

Deliveroo UK said employment rules should be amended so that people can get to work for companies such as Deliveroo will lose enhanced benefits and the flexibility to work when you want.’Investment’

In the past year, the number of Deliveroo has increased drivers in the world, from nearly 5,700 in the year 2015 in the amount of 26,500 units, a number that has executed, on rising.

The rapid expansion was behind the increase in operating costs, the long-to £142m last year.

His accounts also show they raised £208m shareholders in 2016, representing 29% of the company.

A spokesman for the company said in a statement: “Deliveroo is investing heavily in new technology and new facilities around the world.

“We are especially proud that in just four years, Deliveroo is now working with more than 30 000 horsemen, and 20 000 restaurants to provide delicious well-food products in more than 140 cities around the world.”