Seat set of spin-off Cupra hot sub-brand in 2018

Seat is planning to spin off its performance-focused Cupra model line in a sub-brand, with confirmation likely to come to the next March at the Geneva motor show.

The sources said that the Volkswagen Group company has been preparing its Cupra sport line in a real spin-off similar to Audi Sport, Mercedes-Benz AMG and, more recently, Volvo Polestar. A series of trademarks registered by Seat include a aggressive badge that has not been seen before and suggests more emphasis to the sporting offshoot, which is currently the case.

Speaking to Autocar at the Frankfurt motor show, the Seat boss Luca de Meo has been coy of the company, plans of the Cupra, but has hinted at an upcoming announcement.

“We will be more precise in Geneva,” he said. “Speaking of us, then.”

He added: “I think there is the potential to develop domain of the brand. In the past, the Seat was one-dimensional. Cupra gives us the possibility of having another dimension.”

De Meo also said that the company was trying to develop a set of Cupra models instead provide the Leon, which is currently the only performance additions to the Home.

When asked about a stand-alone model of the Cupra, de Meo said simply: “Step by Step”.

The recognition of the different names of Tango, Salsa, Bolero, Seats in the past, the concept of self also suggests a stand-alone state for the Cupra-badged models. The names have been used previously for sports-concepts in three different segments.

The Sauce concept, revealed in 2000, bore more of a resemblance with a sporty Leon and presented a preview of the then next-generation version of the hatchback. The Bolero has taken the shape of a muscular sports sedan, with a discreet rear doors giving it a more coupe profile.

Taking the form of a small, tense, convertible, the Tango, which was revealed at the Frankfurt motor show in 2001, has received wide acclaim and it was launched as a rival to the Mazda MX-5.

However, none of the three concepts reach production.

Seat expansion of the Cupra-badged sports range continues. Has launched a Cupra 300 version of the Leon hatchback and is developing the Ateca Cupra for a launch early next year. More models, including a predicted mega-hatch, believed to be badged Leon Cupra R. A trademark for this car badge was also presented with a flag embedded in R.

The Cupra brand has moved away from the smaller bodystyles, however. Seat has recently announced that there would be a Ibiza Cupra, while a Mii Cupra has never been taken into consideration, in spite of a hot version of its predecessor, which appears in the form of an Arosa Sport, and far, warm the ancestor to the GTI.

If the Tango reaches production in its original convertible bodystyle, it will be the first drop-top car the Spanish manufacturer has the product, and shall sit as a halo model of the Seat and the Cupra brands.

Seat minimized the importance of brands, releases the following statement: “theOffice is in continuous recording of possible names for the future models or projects. This is a normal process, not only for the Home, but also for other automotive and consumer goods brands.

“The names of the Seat registers are not necessarily specific to the models in the future, but also names that we like and that I want to have in reserve. There are many names registered just in case.”