If you don’t kill her millionaire husband, who has done this?

Charismatic podiatrist Phillip Vasyli was at the top of his game, as he was found stabbed to death in the couple’s multi-million-dollar Villa in the Bahamas in 2015.

Donna was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder, but in a shock development last week, a judge overturned their conviction and ordered a retrial.

The couple married after falling in love, as young people in the working class western Sydney suburb of Liverpool, and had two children, Aaron and Lauren.

In the next 30 years, Phillip has a number of successful clinics would create. He founded an orthodontic shoes sale shoes to the US and the UK with “Orthaheel technology” of his own invention, which the few rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Fifteen years ago, the Vasylis moved their family to an exclusive residential complex in the Old Bay in the Bahamas.

They lived an extravagant life of private jets, and clean, white beaches, the scenes in which Phillip Vasyli loved to take pictures and share them on social media.

Then, one was at night, her seemingly idyllic existence is shattered by the violence.

A worker found Phillip lying in a pool of blood in the dining room the couple in the Villa on the morning of the 24. March and called the police.

The 59-year-old suffered multiple stab wounds, and authorities determined he had been dead for at least seven hours.

Donna was found at the scene, crying and shaking in the bedroom.

“We had a fight last night,” she said, an officer before she was taken into custody. The police found a kitchen knife in the scene, they believed the murder weapon.

The Bahamas Court of Appeal annulled Donna Vasyli, the conviction for the murder of her millionaire husband Phillip Vasyli and ordered a retrial

The brutal death of the pretty and popular specialists made worldwide headlines and Donna, as the prime suspect, found in the centre of an unfolding scandal.

She would later categorically denied murder of her husband, during a videotaped interview with the police.

When investigators questioned her about the suspicious red stains on their hands, they claimed, they were of laser treatments she had only learned recently. Police did not believe her and she was charged with Phillip’s murder.

When you try, your high-profile lawyers Phillip described as the love of Donna’s life.

But you said he had a dark side, in need of a rapacious appetite for drugs and alcohol and would miss her, as he would be too much.

One of the couple of the house girls testified that on the day of his murder, Phillip had been drinking and the staircase had fallen down.

The jury a video was shown of a Donna-police-interrogations, in which they denied vigorously the suggestion that she stabbed her husband for embarrassing you in front of the guests in the house while he was drunk.

The last photo Phillip Vasyli posted on Twitter prior to his brutal murder in March 2015. Image: Twitter

One of the many postcard-like snaps Phillip Vasyli posted on social media his seemingly idyllic life in the Bahamas. Image: Twitter

In this interview, she told police her husband had been drinking and fell down the stairs — breakable glass inside a picture frame in the way — a few hours before his body was found.

You said to the investigators, Phillip was walking around the house, “disgusting” with his pants hanging down, even though you told him the guests came but argue with her husband.

Workers in their home, refused to see all the violence on the part of Phillip. She admitted that he drank, but she had not seen any evidence that he would be Donna hurt over the years or has been abusive.

In October 2015, a jury will unanimously Donna of the murder, found guilty of causing the widow to collapse the shock.

Their supporters, who had Packed up, called in the courtroom, the verdict in disbelief, with some screaming: “she is innocent”.

Donna Vasyli appealed delivered on July 26, the court of appeal in the Bahamas, a bomb, a throw Donna’s murder conviction and order retrial.

Local media reported that Donna’s new defence team to suggest other possible suspects ignored by the police.

You are expected to argue that the security in the house has a limp, and that a number of unidentified people were caught on CCTV wandering around the property was extensively renovated in time.