“mom!” and Jennifer Lawrence received the lowest rating from filmgoers USA

The film “mother!” Director Darren Aronofsky received the lowest rating among American film fans. This is evidenced by the rating of the picture on the website Cinemascore.

Tape with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role was given the letter F (one point six). As noted by Mashable, this rating kinoresursov is quite rare.

In 2016, the Cinemascore founder ed Mintz, explaining the grading system of the portal, said that the ratings of F and D (two points out of six) means that “either the film should not have to remove either its so weird to advertise that the impressions came absolutely not the people”.

In the story “mom!”, in the house where the heroine lives with her boyfriend (Javier Bardem), are beginning to be heard foreign voices and strange things happen. The tape was released in Russian cinemas on September 14.