Football: don’t want the blame to shift to the players vernydub

The coach was upset about the defeat

Head coach of “Dawn” Yuri Vernidub thinks that the parts of the players base in Luhansk team need to work on them after the match with “Ostersundom” in the Europa League. This is the website of Luhansk.

“Expected it, but what will be the result… First of all, you need to apologize to the people who came to the stadium. We did not look as I would like. “Östersund” fairly won. They had to endure. Use our children’s mistakes. When we scored the first goal, the mistakes made by the most experienced players. Never even thought it could be. We are expecting a difficult League game against Karpaty. They need to recover. Spend specific rotation. We need to understand. There are players who can’t be in the first team. Let him practice with the brace and draw conclusions. You can forgive everything, but to go out and walk it is impossible,” said vernydub.

“I don’t want to shift all the blame on the players. Is the head coach. In this championship I’m tired of taking responsibility. They need to hear me and must answer for his game. You can say anything, more importantly, to the conclusions were made. I said yesterday that “östersund” is a good team that I like. They are fighters, real men. We never had this, so we appealed to the judge. Today, oddly enough, when you push any of our players shrugged, asked for a penalty. This is wrong. The game comes out, we can say, 22 Spartan. Someone is mistaken, someone is not. It’s football. If we turn the game into “I pushed svisnite”, nothing good will happen,” added the coach.

We will remind, the following match of the Europa League, Zorya will hold 28 Sep Athletic Bilbao.