Ukrainians will offer housing for lease with option to purchase

The government of Ukraine plans to introduce a new state program of housing leasing. It is anticipated that this program will be possible to buy a house with no down payment and low monthly payment. Journalists “Today” to find out who will be able to take advantage of this offer and on what terms.

Tatiana from Kiev Maryanenko with her husband and daughter for six years rent an apartment. But the repair did not “Want to make their nest, but can not make money. At any time, this apartment can disappear. The mistress may not sell or lease to someone else,” – says Tatiana.

To raise funds for their own apartment the family is not possible, because the half spent on rent. But at the end of this year, the government plans to launch the sale of housing lease. Begin with Kiev, if the experiment proves successful – will spread all over the country. The state mortgage institution for its own account is going to buy apartments in new buildings and lease – i.e., rent with option to buy.

“If a Studio apartment is about 50 sq m, subject to lease for 20 years, the average plti beyond 5 200 UAH”, – says the Deputy Chairman of the state mortgage institution Dmitry Mogil’nitskii.

By the end of this year for purchase in leasing will exhibit more than 30 thousand apartments. The first installment is not necessary.

“There will still be added internal. That will allow the lessee from the first day to enter this apartment and to live fully,” says Mogil’nitskii.

There is a limit – the age of 50 years. In the queue for a house you can be in a city or district Council. The military of anti-terrorist operation and civil servants in priority.