No I do not forbid to watch Mikhalkov’s films, I just don’t watch them myself

Ukrainian actor Anatoly Hostikoev in interview to TV channel “112 Ukraine” said, why shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” on the set of the Russian series, along with Bohdan Stupka and replay whether his sons are actors

Gordon: “Gordon” and my guest today is an outstanding Ukrainian actor Anatoly Hostikoev.

Good evening. Many have confused your name at different times. As it was called?

Hostikoev: Tails, Kostikov, Holistique. Said anything but now not confused.

– Your father is Ossetian, her mother is Ukrainian. Who are you, for the sense of self?

– Ukrainian Ossetian blood. And actually, I’m from Kiev. I think there is a nationality, and she said to me very powerfully.

– You are a big growth. Your grandmother was 2 m 5 cm.

Yes. It was called “Madame big dipper” when she went outside. She was indeed very large. I finished three schools, thanks to her educational, musical and sports school in basketball. She took my accordion with one finger and carrying with me. I lived in Vladimir, and there still is a music school.

– Did you serve in the Soviet army very difficult. Why?

– Not as difficult as it has been written in the press. It was difficult for me, because I was already 24 years old, and boys at 18. I did any work, wasn’t afraid of anything. We had fights, of course. But I’m glad I have, after the army left some of my army friends with whom we are still friends. And the army was not necessary to me – I could serve in some ensemble, but I was in the real army, and I don’t regret the way it was. But at that time the army was quite different.

Hot Caucasian blood whensomething about hearing or not?

– Of course. There were “fights”. I’m a very jealous person. I was jealous of his wife, jealous now. Beat me, I fought. Jealousy is a great thing. A man should be jealous of his wife. And if not jealous, then you have to wonder if he loves his wife.

– You’ve had a rough relationship with a B. S. Mortar. 15 years ago you told me in an interview that he long kept the roles in the theater. Franco.

– B. Stupka is the native person for me. We started out in the theater. M. Zankovetska in Lviv. He’s my oldest friend is 13 years older than me. I always respected him, we spoke with him, I turned to him “you”. But you have to understand that B. Stupka – actor and Stupka – art Director they are completely different people. Because the power changes a person, especially when a theater actor: a great, great actor. It is very dangerous for everyone else. I can’t explain why since 2001 to 2011 I had no new roles in theater. Ten years! I was 48 years old when he became the artistic Director. I was in the play “Othello”, which put Malakhov, where I was voted best actor of the year in 2001, I have premiere was in 2011. Why? I asked these questions to Bogdan. But he said “No”. He had this way of communicating, he is very artistic could ruffle. Then I asked him, why not take a tour of my performances. Answer: “No”. After the fifth “don’t” have anything, but I respected him. I took and organized in 2003 the theatrical campaign “Benyuk and Khostikoyev”. On your birthday I remembered their teachers and said that Stupka was not my art Director. The artistic Director does not, does with their actors. B. Stupka was my friend, companion, partner, we worked with him a lot: he played my father, repeatedly. He was a great actor, but unfortunately, as artistic Director he has made a lot of mistakes, which he then himself, apparently, sorry. I am convinced of this.

– What happens to the Ivan Franko theatre today – he’s not the same, what was?

– Want to do not what it is. Now came the ignorant, bastards who want to destroy the entire culture of Ukraine, destroy Ukrainian acting. Because this contract system, which we suggested, it is not the contract system. It is real raiding. They want to take these people…

– Who is it?

– Those people who at the time was Danchenko, the mortar, they were at the theater. It’s not youth, it is the uncle who do not have time to get into the theatre and now, when he left this generation, want to steer. The farm contract is not signed. And we were offered to sign the collective farm. I – a working actor, I’m not afraid of the contract, for me this contract even best thing. Because when this contract I, which has five main roles in sold-out performances, three of the Director’s work, which the viewer wanders, I’m interested in the fact that I was paid more money. We have actors who are practically doing nothing in the theater and get the same money. I never of other people’s money is not considered, but they are not to blame. Blame the art Director, who can not provide them work. I signed the contract the same letters as the actor who just came to the theater with the theater Institute.

You much and successfully played in the movie. Ukrainian cinema is dead or not?

– Nothing, it died. On the contrary, it is now emerging. I consider myself a theater actor and sometimes I’m in a movie. I see what the actors came now young. Awesome! But in their humor, dignity, profession – both Directors and actors and Actresses. This is surprising, because everything was made to withdraw Ukrainian actors: we would invite the Moscow stars. Now everything has changed, youth work, and the actors, the pride of the nation, have a decent role.

– R. Viktyuk has told me that you and him had a project, but something happened. What was it?

– Happened as it happened. I am very glad that I got lucky with Roman Grigorievich work, but no one knows what happened… we had signed a contract – new York, London, Paris. Viktyuk staged a play with Natasha Makarova in London. And when he called me and said, “Take the pants, it’s cold”, I don’t understand what pants and where them to take. Turns out he was referring to London, where we arrived and were rehearsing this play with N. Makarova. In the 14 days we were in London, she did I did not pay any attention. I cried at night because Viktyuk can do anything. He was so humiliated me, berated, mocked, I decided to go, cursed everything, until one time sent everyone inside, and got the Natasha on hand, so raised, and the whole monologue, I told her, holding on her arm. And suddenly I saw the astonished eyes Makarova, because she did not expect. And then I shit turned into a genius because Viktyuk or shit, or a genius. It so happened that we did the play, Viktyuk went to make costumes and decorations to Moscow and said we have three days, so we taught the text. We all the time Natasha did not speak, and then she called and invited me to dinner. She showed me his ballets, the screen, photos I told you about my life. She showed me a photo of his son, which was very similar to my son George. I showed her a photo of her son and she gasped. I told her that I want to go home and she bought me plane tickets there and back, bought my son a tuxedo. In the evening, in Kiev, I played the play “the White crow” (in the morning I have a flight to London), and I break a leg. The doctor who did my surgery said I can go a month and a half. I asked him to call. he called and said I was a month and a half will be able to walk. When the doctor hung up the phone, he said Viktyuk sent not only me but also him, the clinic, Kiev and everyone who has me something. And that’s all. Importantly, the pants stayed in London. But I have a book I was given by Natasha Makarova is a unique book.

– You many years of friends with an outstanding Ukrainian actor Bogdan Benyuk. As you his political preferences? How do you that he is a member of “Freedom”?

Is his essence. He thinks so in this life. When we were in Soviet times performed at the concerts, we were told: “you Have a very good Duo. Nationalism Benyuk you dissolve its internationalism”. I am also a nationalist. I live in this country – Ukraine, which want to capture, to destroy, to mutilate. I know that the language needs to be in our country is Ukrainian. I was born in a Russian-speaking environment, but fundamentally speak Ukrainian. Now a lot of appeared Russian-speaking theatre companies. But the actors, now I am not saying that the pieces translated and they are in the Ukrainian language sounds better. We must love its own language, its own state, and Benyuk it does so, how he does it.

– At the time you were a city Council member and went from there. Why?

– Because I was asked to bring Yulia Vladimirovna. I had the first room from the “Fatherland”. When I was there, after a while I started to play in a huge show, so I rarely come to the faction.

And offered money that you have betrayed her?

– Of course. Moreover, I could be the artistic Director back then. I was offered the post of Minister of culture, was offered the post of artistic Director and the money – bag. I don’t know how many there were, but I would have to take one step and I would would have disfigured themselves, their destiny. Yes, I need the money, but I have not betrayed Julia Vladimirovna. When I retired from politics, told me: “once you were gone.” And I replied, “Because I was “light””.

– You will never regret that you did not betray, did not take the suitcase with the money?

– In any case.

– The shooting of Russian TV series in Kiev, you exclaimed: “Glory to Ukraine”, then you will be removed from the role.

Is not quite so straightforward. It was in the beginning of 2014, and it was very disturbing. I played a chieftain, was to speak the text about the “Cossacks-heroes”, and I have a lump in my throat. All extras – our Ukrainian guys from the village where we filmed. Had rehearsal, I say this speech and at the end: “Glory to Ukraine!” The whole crowd shouted, “glory to the Heroes!” And suddenly, the Russian producer waved a finger, so it is not necessary. I went up to him and say, “I’m on their land and I will say what I think is necessary. But a finger on me not to swing!” After that, the chieftain, which I played in the series “went to another village”.

– To ban Russian films and TV series have in Ukraine, in your opinion?

– I think that it is wrong. To ban anything is impossible and not necessary. No I do not forbid you to watch movies. GN Mikhalkov, I just don’t watch them myself. I know by heart “Oblomov”, every phrase, but the names of the performers and Director want to tell. They wanted this, they behaved. So my choice is not to watch, although I like these movies. I think that the bans will do nothing, it must come from the heart and from the head every Ukrainian, when there is a war.

– What is happening now in Ukraine, after three and a half years after independence, are you concerned about?

– Of course. This is a terrible tragedy, trouble. But all the time to live in sorrow all the time to cry is impossible. But it must always be remembered, every second that we’re talking now with you, and there are those guys who protect us. Annoy me in this situation, secular posts in Facebook with the sea, with resorts. I think that now is not the time for this. I’m not saying that we need each day to be sad, though the sorrow is inside each of us. This great danger is not over, it continues. And the danger will hold up as long as we truly understand that each of us needs to do to win was for us.

– The best memory for our dead people shall be our blooming Ukraine that we have already built for them in 3.5 years. But almost nothing has been done. From this you suffer?

It is difficult to take someone’s side, and as you start to speak the deputies, I do not understand what is happening. I am very worried about the elderly, I see what’s happening to them – those pensions, how to mock people. And I worry about our culture, which simply destroyed. On culture, no one pays attention. But without culture there is no nation. There is such a character from a culture that pushed this contract system, I call it “Madame Ogurtsov”. She’s definitely a character Ilnitsky, she says, and doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. She agreed to the fact that said that the contract system is very humane due to the fact that all the actors for a year and four months have the option to enter a different profession. And this man directs the art, and such people obviously exist in every region. And this is very troubling.

In 1986 you had no heart. Why?

– Was the play “the Aeneid”, and before that we went with my friends to Chernobyl. Was there long enough, gave concerts, and then I had some kind of disease. Took me to the hospital – his heart stopped. But, thank God, somehow pulled through. This acting thing work… I 11 performances not played. Why I bilo so painful when Bogdan silvestrovich my role? Because I’m lying in the hospital, remembered that I had not played 11 performances. I was at the light, but I thought the performances that I played.

– How many great actors you have seen in my lifetime?

– F. Stegun a big powerful actor. B. Kozak, J. Brylinski in Lviv – they need to remember. More actors I know and knew from the Ivan Franko theatre. So it was sad when they left the theater. And not on their own. They say that the theatre is not a “almshouse”. And I think that there is anything wrong with that, if it is “almshouse”, but in a good way. So how did Tuminas in Moscow, when he made a play for older actors, and they had the opportunity to go on stage and the audience applauded. When fired the people’s artist of the Soviet Union Gashinskaya, he walked around the fountain and died. Actor dies in two years, if he’s not with the theatre. Not so with people. This contract system it is necessary to destroy the city and tell the President to convey to him that you have to deal with it. This shameful law. Unfair. The enslavement of the actors is a crime. I think the President should listen to this and make certain moves. Say that we have no drama school. Nothing of the sort. Amazing actor V. P. Zimbalist, who at once took in the stories Vynnychenko Zholdak. Together with Benyuk, who was younger than Zimbalist. So I didn’t know who the odds given, so a Zimbalist. The actor must believe that the actor should be given the opportunity to reveal himself. The actor is not to blame, and Zimbalist’s Frankivsk school is the real “frankovic”.

– You have all three wives actress. With Actresses difficult to live?

– No, very good. They are all talented, but talented person is always interesting.

– Your sons are actors. The father is a better actor than they?

– I think not. I am convinced that they will replay me. There were such precedents when George I was beat. But our Warbler gives me hope that he can become a good actor.

– What should be the Ukrainian national idea?


– Thank you.