Uk and EU companies to urge more rapid Brexit treat

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The business leaders that employ around one million workers in the uk and the EU will sign a letter this weekend, imploring both sides of the Brexit negotiations to speed up a transition supply.

A draft of the letter, seen by the BBC urges the negotiators to clarify the rights of uk and EU citizens who work abroad for the month of October.

It also calls for real progress towards the future of the provisions by the end of 2017.

The leaders said that an agreement was necessary to safeguard employment and investment.

The charter was developed by the business group the CBI and distributed to thousands of business leaders.

It is expected to attract more support for the government of the united kingdom of text that is asking Britain’s biggest companies to support the government’s approach to Brexit negotiations. Writing for business’

There was widespread reluctance from FTSE 100 leaders to support a strategy that many thought that it lacked clarity.

One FTSE 100 chairman told the BBC: “I think this is a much better letter than the one that the government tried to circulate – it is written for the business by business.”

However, other business leaders contacted by the BBC -while broadly supportive – were cautious about the consequences of a letter from business leaders.

“I’m still not sure that there is much value in letters like this,” I said.

After an election campaign that saw the Conservative Party to distance itself from big business, the chiefs have informed you of a thaw in relations with the government.

Some of the uk’s top business leaders will gather tomorrow night at the government retreat at Chevening to discuss the process of withdrawal from the EU and the future commercial relations.

I have been told that neither the CBI, which organized this collective letter, or other business pressure groups are invited. The draft text of the letter

“We represent companies of all sizes, sectors and regions of the uk and employ nearly a million people in the uk and the EU.

“We are committed to helping ensure a success of the new economic partnership between the uk and the EU, based on the principles of the barrier to free trade. We welcome with satisfaction the strengthening of the cooperation between the companies and the government to achieve this. This must now lead to progress.

“Our businesses need to make decisions about investment and employment that will affect the economic growth and employment in the future. The continued uncertainty has a negative impact on communities, employees, businesses, and our nations in the future.

“Companies across the EU and the uk are clear: to be able to plan for a transition of three years, which prevents the edge of a cliff is critical to our collective prosperity.

“We are therefore writing to urge both parties to be pragmatic and decided to move on to the next phase of the negotiations. Until the transitional arrangements can be agreed upon and trade examined the risk of ‘not to do’ is still real and has to be planned, with the inevitable consequences for jobs and growth on both sides.”

“We ask you to ensure that substantive progress is achieved during the forthcoming negotiations. Only this will give you certainty about the rights of EU and uk citizens working overseas, and allow discussion of the transitional provisions in October, and commerce, by the end of the year.

“Our shared interests far outweigh our differences, and we’re ready to help in any way that we can ensure a successful outcome for the people and communities of the uk and the EU.”