Not Jaguar XE Sportbrake expected, said the boss of the design

Jaguar will not launch an XE Sportbrake, despite the recent arrival of the new XF Sportbrake, according to the director of design Ian Callum.

Having said previously, there would not be an XF Sportbrake in the current generation, Callum admitted that the strategy has changed with the arrival of a new direction, but that the model had a “very difficult” case.

Callum has described the market as “very difficult”, but said the new XF Sportbrake is better than the previous one.

However, he said that there was little chance of the small XE get an estate version.

“The Sportbrake market is fairly static. From a commercial point of view, a XE Sportbrake is not a car that’s easy to implement. And it would be very difficult to price for a XE [version].

“This market is vicious,” he added, referring to the competitiveness of the BMW 3 Series Touring and Audi A4 Avant.

Callum Jaguar might manage the XF Sportbrake to its advantage, but the same not apply for her little brother.

The brand has put the emphasis currently on the Seen, he added, with the launch of the new E-Rate, which he described as “changing the landscape completely,” for the automaker.

Callum wouldn’t be drawn on rumours of a third SUV sitting at the top of the SUV family, but he said that if such a model existed, it would have its own style, in reference to the differences between the F-Pace and E-Rate.

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