New Yorker released the cover would have been if Hillary had won

The first woman President of the united States of America looks out to the light of the moon in the sky, with his hand on the back of a chair in the Oval Office.

Like Hillary Clinton, that passes through the US promoting his book about his devastating electoral defeat, the new Yorker has released the cover image would have run, she had won.

Titled “The First,” the illustration by Malika Favre imagines a brave new world that must now seem like a distant fantasy for supporters of Clinton.

This is the cover that we would have published Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump:— The New Yorker (@NewYorker) September 13, 2017

Instead, the magazine’s post-election cover features Bob Staake’s “The Wall”.

The New Yorker’s art director Françoise Mouly wrote at the time: “When I first received the results of the election, we felt as if we had hit a brick wall, with all your strength.”

An early look at next week’s cover, “The Wall” by Bob Staake:— The New Yorker (@NewYorker) November 11, 2016

We launched the alternative cover of face to the next week of the issue, which leads to an interview with Clinton “about his new memoir, the campaign, the sting of loss, and its aftermath.”

The defeated candidate says the journalist David Remnick: “Literally, at times, when I was writing, I had to go to bed . . . I could not bear to re-live”.

Twitter users were less than sympathetic to the new Yorker an alternative to the cover, with many to advise the publication to “move”.

Fixed: it is the cover that should have been published when Hillary Clinton LOST to Donald Trump— Daily Rushbo (@DailyRushbo) September 14, 2017— Cameron Dawson (@montecarloss305) September 14, 2017— Lisa B. (@politeracy) September 13, 2017