Killer claims he was a ” automaton’

In the Supreme Court in Adelaide on Tuesday, Peet pleaded guilty to the charge of having murdered Adeline Yvette Wilson-Rigney.

He has admitted fatally bashing and strangle Ms. Wilson-Rigney — known to friends and family as Yvette and who also used the last name Rigney-Wilson — at Hillier, north of Gawler, in 2016.

However, Peet denied the murder of his children, Amber, 6, and Korey, 5. The children were found with cable ties around the neck, and had been “hogtied” with tape around their heads, and, in the case of Amber, a sock stuffed in his mouth.

The revelations of the manner in which the children are dead sparked emotional scenes in the court, Ms. Wilson-Rigney’s family wept, clung one to the other and hurled abuse.

His mother, Donna, sat with his head in his hands, while another spectator shouted, “f***ing dog, it was a kid”.Mother of murder of Adelaide woman, small child-speaks0:54

Donna Rigney speaks of his daughter Adeline Rigney-Wilson and her two grandchildren, who were all found dead in a house of Hillier. With the kind permission of the PAAMay 31, 2016a year ago/display/ News/National/