Cycle groups warn ‘car-dooring’

A campaign to raise awareness of “car-dooring” it is necessary to save the life of Britain’s roads, Cycling the UK has said.

The campaign group says cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians are injured and killed by motorists and their passengers carelessly opening doors.

It wants the Dutch to reach, which covers the opening of the doors with the “evil” at hand”, to be taught to new drivers.

The Department for Transport says that it will take into account the new messages on cycle safety as part of its Think! campaign.

The data of the government from 2011-2015 shows that the death of eight people from the carelessly-opened car doors.

Three of these were travelling in a car – five were cyclists knocked off their bikes.
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Total of 3,108 persons were reported injured, but the Cycling UNITED kingdom believes that the real number is probably much higher.

And ‘ suggesting an information campaign, attention to the riders to ride more on the road, to avoid the swing of the doors.

It also wants higher fines for a door that opens.

And inviting the ministers to have the “Dutch reach,” has taught in driving tests.

This maneuver involves the driver or the passenger on the right side of the car, opening the door with his left hand – forcing them to turn and see if someone is approaching.

It is a compulsory part of the Dutch driving tests.

A video of the technique, has been seen by over a million people on the “Outside” magazine website.

The idea was supported by Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite, said: “This simple step, it seems to me a good way to check that a cyclist is not approaching and reducing the risk of ‘dooring’, particularly in a congested city.”

The Department of Transportation previously rejected the proposal, but it was only after the minister of Transport Chris Grayling was filmed having knocked a cyclist in the saddle by opening the door of a car.

Mr Grayling apologised to the cyclist who he said was not seriously injured.

‘Nothing to do’

The BRITISH cycling hopes that the new minister, Jesse Norman – a keen cyclist, will take a broader look at cycle safety, in the light of the accident in which a young mother of Kim Briggs was shot and killed by a cyclist on an illegal bike.

The group says that all road users should be given better protection from the reckless acts of others.

Car-dooring you enter the spotlight on 22 September at Leicester Crown Court, when you hear an appeal for the death of Sam Boulton.

He was a school teacher, who died when he was knocked into the path of a van after being hit by a taxi passenger door.

The passenger, Mandy Chapple, pleaded guilty and was fined £80, but the driver, Farook Yusuf Bhikhu, an appeal against conviction: he says he does not give permission to open the door.

The maximum fine for car-dooring is £ 1,000 – even if the victim is killed as a result. Cycling UK says that the fine does not reflect the severity of the crime.

Mr Boulton’s father, Jeff, said: “it is heart-breaking that a criminal offence of which he has finished one life and caused extensive trauma to my family, to be treated in a way slightly under the current legislation.

“Until we have an appropriate offence in law, I invite the government to study how to better educate and train drivers on the dangers of car-dooring.”

AA president Edmund King told the BBC News has backed a campaign to improve the safety between cars and motorcycles.

He said that the AA was still deploying wing “Think Bike” stickers for the jog drivers’ attention.

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“It’s a good idea to get cyclists who are more educated, too,” he said.

“It’s much safer in the bike a certain way, the way, because if you pass next to the sidewalk, you have the cabin doors to worry about and you’re much more likely to have to swerve to avoid a pothole or a falling manhole cover.”

Mr King said: driving instructors for BSM and the AA already is usually taught the opposite-hand door-opening method.

A government source, commenting on the proposal for the teaching of Dutch reach, suggested ministers may be reluctant to prescribe a maneuver that would be ridiculous in some parts of the media, but suggested that the cycle of security groups could make further progress in the matter of themselves.

A spokesman for the DfT told BBC News: “From 2012 To 2015, Think about it! he has worked in collaboration with Transport for London to extend the cycle safety ‘tips’ for cyclists and motorists in other cities.

“This included the advice to ‘Always check for cyclists when you open the door of the machine’.

“In 2016, Think! launched a new cycle safety campaign targeting commuters cyclists and hgv drivers.”

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