Illegal production of sand near Kiev, seized equipment and weapons

In Boryspil district entrepreneurs for more than a year carried out illegal production of sand. During the search of the accountant of the company seized an Arsenal of weapons. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev region.

On Friday, September 8, Boryspil local Prosecutor’s office together with police officers within the criminal proceedings conducted a number of searches in the place of sand mining, as well as in society, engaged in mining.

During a pretrial investigation it is established that on the territory of Boryspil district, within Glubokoye village Council, operates a sand quarry, which is on lease owns one of the societies and carries out sand mining.

The prosecutors said that in 2015, was held a scheduled inspection of companies, the results of which was stopped the action of the special permit for extraction of sand.

“However, it was found that for 2016 the society was carried out illegal mining of sand, which violates the established rules of subsoil protection and creates a danger to the environment“, – stated in the message.

During carrying out investigative actions at the quarry discovered and seized 2 cars with sand, the excavator, as well as documentation of activities of specified businesses.

At the place of residence of the chief accountant of this organization during the searches, found and seized pistols, rifles, a large quantity of ammunition.