Autonomous VW Golf-based performance vehicle can give, keep track of lessons

Volkswagen has an Autonomous sports car-prototype runs on his test, how to develop it evaluates the directions, the next generation of cars.

The project has been revealed by the VW group research and development, Ulrich Eichorn on the eve of the IAA motor show in Frankfurt, when he was pressed, where the company will drive the investment in yourself, electrified vehicles to its sporty vehicles and brands would leave.

“We have a Golf with a race-trainer function, which is already running on tracks,” said Eichorn. “It can learn a track as it rounds, perfect lines, and then, when you are ready, you can accept, and you give instructions, how to say, you brake later or if taxes.

“The instructions are not so popular with all the drivers, but it is still a good way to learn, as it can, the lines, took the car on the screen for you to follow. It will also work with the ESP or the ESP can off, so it can be fun also very good.”

While Eichorn acknowledged that such features do not appeal to every enthusiast driver, he would have added that there is drift other possibilities that would like to be evaluated, even on fully Autonomous cars without a steering wheel, including the indication of Autonomous cars modes that deliver the feeling of the Drift.

Eichorn also pointed out that the VW-Golf-prototype currently has no production plans, and it was one of several vehicles used to assess possible future technologies.

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