In the Sverdlovsk region managed to vote more than a quarter of voters

Voter turnout in the elections to the Sverdlovsk region by mid-day rose, explained to “Interfax”.

According to the regional election Commission, by 15:00 local time had to vote 26.68% of voters. Last year by this time, managed to give voice to 27.94 percent of the voters.

According to the Chairman of the regional election Commission Valery Chainikova, in Yekaterinburg, the turnout is 10 percent lower than the average for the area. He also noted that of the more than 2.9 thousand eligible observers to work at elections it’s about 1.5 thousand people.

According to Chainikova, serious violations that could influence the course of voting or results.

“Today, serious any comments to the electoral process, or to what is happening at the polling stations we have no serious remarks. Received 12 applications for the elections of the local self — government,” he said.

In the Sverdlovsk region in a single day of voting elections of the Governor. For this position there are six candidates, including incumbent head. The region also held elections to bodies of local self-government 19 districts, 30 urban districts and by-elections in local authorities in four municipalities.

On the territory of Sverdlovsk region there are 2542 polling station.