What the $322 million of cocaine looks like

The record of 1,464 thousand metric tons of the drug last week, was seized in the vicinity of New Caledonia on July 27, after the authorities discovered a secret hiding place in the hull of a yacht.

What looks like $322 million worth of cocaine. A record amount of the drug seized from a ship in the South Pacific. Image: The Australian criminal police Commission/AAP

Four crew members were arrested aboard the yacht Afalina, believed to Lithuania and Latvia, the Australian criminal police Commission (ACIC) said.

ACIC officials worked closely with the French authorities to thwart the plot, which is believed to have been organized by a South American crime syndicate.

The Agency is the executive director of the intelligence Colonel Blanch last night the French teams congratulated involved.

The South American criminal mastermind believed to have been behind the smuggling plot, and sent the drugs on Board a yacht called Afalina. Image: The Australian Criminal Police Commission

“Congratulations to the Marine Francaise and the Gendarmerie Nationale, the Blanch them for their efforts on this record seizure of cocaine,” Mr, said in a statement.

“We are very grateful for the actions of the French authorities, which has ceased to be a significant amount of drugs reaching the streets of Australia.”

The drugs have an estimated value of $322 million euros.

The ship was towed to Noumea for further investigations and Tests.

The haul eclipsed the previous record seizure of Australian-bound cocaine that was found 1.422 T on a new Zealand yacht earlier this year.

The officers of the French Navy frigate Vendemiaire arrested four members of the crew. Image: The Australian Criminal Police Commission