The Director of “the Cabin in the woods” will remove the spin-off “Deadpool”

Filmmaker drew Goddard will be the Director and screenwriter of the spin-off of the action movie “Deadpool”. Reported by The Wrap.

The film was called X-Force (“Team X”). He will concentrate on the operational squad of mutants led by cable. From other X-Men team is different in that it fights with the enemies more aggressive methods.

It is noted that in the spin-off will appear and Deadpool himself. It will play the actor Ryan Reynolds.

The movie will be released after the release of the sequel to “Deadpool”, the premiere of which is scheduled for may 2018.

Goddard made his debut as a Director with the satirical horror film “the Cabin in the woods” in 2011. In the ribbon, derided classic slasher. The cinematographer also acted as the screenwriter of such films as “World war Z”, “Cloverfield” and “the Martian” and TV series “Daredevil,” “lost” and “Buffy the vampire Slayer”.

“Deadpool”, released in February 2016, in the US received a rating of R — persons under 17 years must be accompanied by parents. In Russia, the film got the age limit of “18 plus”. The tape became the highest grossing project with rated R, grossed 745 million dollars.