Soccerex 2017: The distribution of the revolution will be televised

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Change is a constant on and off the football field, and the technological advances that means that the supporters could soon be watching more intuitive players through a more mobile friendly channels.

The 22 Soccerex football finance event returns to Manchester this weekend for its last year as host to discuss everything that will be showing action in the future, just like the stars in the future, be mentally match air-conditioned.

There is change through the forum itself. Not only is the case on the point of moving to a new city next year, it is also the first without founder Duncan Revie that its driving force after his death, last fall.

And Revie, as an innovator, would have taken an interest in football continues to march in a new digital era.

“Technology continues to emerge as an important part of the business of football,” says Soccerex David Wright.

“It is a great factor on the right of the technology side and on the support side of things, where the disrupters are helping to change the visualization of the culture.
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“Social media is also changing the way fans consume football and change the landscape of broadcasting.

“Viewing habits are changing and more and more customers are moving online to watch football matches.”Live streaming

In the UK, it has been recently reported that the Sky had experienced a 14% drop in viewing figures, but also registered a 31% increase in the adoption of its online services Sky Go and NOW TV.

In fact, there is a debate in the sports industry at the present time involving broadcasters, rights holders and experts on social media about the value and direction of the rights in this disrupted the market.

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For example, Amazon Prime, it was obtained the rights to broadcast almost all of the men’s elite tennis events, except for the four grand slam tournaments, the US digital giant, having won the united KINGDOM, the rights of the ATP World Tour from the Sky.

It would be Amazon’s second big live-TV-sports rights deal this year, after its partnership with the National Football League to broadcast 10-Thursday-night American Football games in the united states from this month.

And he has the right to live audio-stream of Bundesliga football comments in Germany, available through its Amazon Music service.

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During this time, Facebook is also looking to establish deeper digital and streaming relationships with the football clubs, fans and holders of similar rights.

The social media giant last year streaming Wayne Rooney Man Utd v Everton testimonial match for free. It is also broadcast live matches of Spain’s La Liga last season.

And in the united states, where it has already broadcast of the Major League Soccer (MLS) games, the social network will from this month’s show live matches of the Champions League thanks to a partnership with Fox Sports.’Enter and exit’

“The current state of the flow is creating both problems and opportunities for all rights holders and media companies involved,” explains Mr. Wright.

“A lot of companies are looking to become viable challengers in older media platforms. The First of the League of rights are coming up for auction again sooner than we think. How to Sky or BT will make a bid, or the arrival of a challenger such as Amazon, or someone else, who is in the air.”

He added: “If Amazon or Apple for example decided to make an offer, they use their technological expertise to make it work.

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“There is a technology to deliver it via streaming and the internet, or via the smart tv. It is also useful to remember that the BT does not have the sports channels until they had made their first of the rights of the case, so that these things can be reversed quickly.

“It is a new technology that allows all these new holders work. People want to get in and out of content, and they want lots of it.”

This is a report by strategy consultants OC&C said that up to 1 billion pounds sterling of the united KINGDOM, the broadcasting industry’s overall profit may be at risk of the emergence of competitors such as Amazon and Facebook.

And Mr. Wright said that the social media, the changes are not only a breach of the broadcasting, but also of marketing.


“Historically, a brand who seek a broader exposure to an alley, with a player to endorse your product, or gone with TV advertising,” he says.

“Now, there are other people on YouTube who may have a lot more eyeballs than TELEVISION channels. And they have more confidence in the air and reputation, but in a larger size, the strings may appear to be more large number of companies.

“What we are seeing in the marketing aspect in football are these user-generated channels.”

For example, one of the most popular of the partisan channel, Arsenal Fan TV, the door of the publicity for the bookmaker Ladbrokes.Field of vision”

In the meantime, the technology continues to develop in other parts of the industry, including traditional areas such as marketing, ticketing and sponsorship.

However, it is around the health, fitness and performance where some of the most interesting innovations.

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For example, companies are looking for ways to help players can increase their “field of vision” – their capacity to anticipate, react quickly and make the right decision at high speed.

With the help of technology, it is the development of a methodology to break down the vision into its separate components, such as: peripheral vision, eye reaction time, and recognition of shapes, which will improve the performance of the drive.

Technology that allows players to boost fitness and avoid injury will also be discussed such as Soccerex, which is attended by 3,000 people, 450 clubs, 700 holders of sports rights, and 170 exhibitors.”Horrible surprise”

As mentioned, the founder Duncan Revie, 62 years, died last September.

The son of former Leeds and England manager, he came up with the idea of the event, after a visit to a music event, and realizing that it could do the same for football.

The first conference was held in 1996 at Wembley stadium, and since then, has been organized in Paris, Los Angeles, Dubai, Johannesburg, Rio, and Manchester.

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“His death was a hard blow, a terrible surprise for us to lose the guy who had the vision and motivation to build the business,” explains Mr. Wright.

“The last thing his wife Rita and president Tony Martin wanted to stop what we were doing. It was his passion and commitment that has developed the conference and it has taken across the world.

“The most positive thing for us is that his legacy continues and we are back in Manchester for this year’s Soccerex.”