Melania Trump was Vanity Fair ‘ s Best Dressed list

The First Lady, Melania Trump didn’t make the cut, even though her predecessor, Michelle Obama, made href=”″.

But while no trump family members on the list, t href=””that Melania go-to-stylist, Hervé Pierre – who dressed the First Lady for her husband’s inaugural ball, along with several other high-profile events – has been named.

Brigitte Macron, left, the cut made, but the First Lady is not. Picture: Martin Bureausource:AFP

Melania Trump at Chierici Palace in Catania, Italy. Image: Domenico Stinellissource:AP

In addition to Obama, the “couples” section of the list alongside the former President Barack Obama, a small group of other politicians made the cut, including the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron (together with his wife Brigitte).

The Obama’s are praised for their clothing, in Siena, Italy, where they were discovered, wearing “a white Club Monaco top and custom BCBG olive-green pants, paired with a gold-Elizabeth and James Connolly cuff for you, and a blue T-shirt, navy trousers and desert boots for him.”

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Trump’s wardrobe has been discussed, the of Vanity Fair in the past — the latest topics are, among other things, her penchant for pink and href=”″but the site also reported that her harmless fashion choices, too.

At the end of August the site is an article with the title “Melania Trump Takes on a Mode-control signal of Michelle Obama”, which is compared to Trump cheaper the ensemble of the J. Crew outfits, Obama was fond of wearing.

In response, the fans of the First Lady are angry about the Trump family, the exclusion from the Vanity Fair list, with some accusing the publication of ignoring, purely out of spite.

Vanity Fair made a big mistake by neglect on purpose, in order to give credit href=”” Melania in the year 2017 list of Best Dressed-she is a fashion icon! href=””— Corryn