I hope that virgin will warn Putin and he would be horrified acts of their hands

Composer, people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Nazarov in the “Gordon” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” told why his friends are “sick” hatred in Ukraine, what he thinks about our artists, who are touring in Russia, and why did you move to live in Ukraine


Gordon: “Gordon” and my guest today the famous composer, people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Nazarov.

Vladimir, good evening. You from Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region. According to rumors, even from the Cossacks. You feel like a Cossack?

Nazarov: If you remember my biography that I always come for trouble, and never afraid of anything, then, probably, Yes.

Revolution of dignity reminded you of the events in Moscow in 1991?

– The analogy is, and very stable, especially after the Maidan. When I heard after the Maidan “Revolution of dignity”, I thought it was also a Revolution of dignity, only, fortunately, she was not so bloody: three people were killed. But the saddest thing is that we are after this revolution so safely and comfortably asleep, asleep further development of our country. We believed that democracy won and now everything goes by itself, and we screwed that up. I think if my friend, S. Rostropovich, who stood beside me all three days, and was the face of this revolution, I would say that the results of this revolution will be, starting from 2000, he would be there, probably, shot.

– Interesting person was Rostropovich?

– Stunning. It was a bundle of energy, optimism, endurance. He managed to do two or three flights to different countries on a private plane with friends and give three concerts. And the age was already quite venerable.

– Living in Russia, you, the person, favored by the regime, with all imaginable titles, not afraid to speak out sharply against the aggression of Russia against Ukraine, against the regime. If you were afraid to do it? Why did you do it?

– It is terrible. But I can not be silent. After the death of our co-Chairman of Parnas party Boris Nemtsov to remain silent was impossible. Position neutral – it was a betrayal. So I began to speak and began to speak. “The return” came from. Our theatre is the national theater of musical art was defeated. The contractor that was depicted. We were accused of all conceivable sins. Mikhail Kasyanov when he was Prime Minister, helped me in creating this theater, but never approached me with a request to hold a political meeting in the theatre. We worked in the theater, only the art and the prosecution in political activities was a pure lie.

– You were friends with Kasyanov?

I know him since College days. I watched as he grew into a large political figure, became Prime Minister, going step by step, unlike some comrades, who even in his office did not make a career, and then from the diver, up made. So, perhaps the bends from our leader. But Kasyanov was my friend when he was Prime Minister, and he remained my friend when he started the persecution, the party of our grass. Misha is very hard now because he is a leader, and seeing all the attacks, threats, provocation.

– Nemtsov you were in a good relationship?

Is in excellent. This man is absolutely amazing energy, charm, cheerfulness, fearlessness. We all adored him.

– The vast majority of my friends in Moscow, unfortunately, “sick” hatred of Ukraine. What happened to the Russian elite of Russian culture?

– I think that the artists messed up “the housing problem”, as he said at the time, Bulgakov. Full life, the unwillingness to part with it, the fear of losing what they have. Many do not believe absolutely in what you say – this is hypocrisy, a lie. It’s even worse actually. Up they say that they have theatre, they have to feed the family. I say, well “began to whore” why? Because you’re mine spoil. Because the fans will remember is not what stunning images you have created, and will remember your betrayal. What is happening, I believe it is a betrayal against the Motherland, to Russia. Not only in relation to Ukraine. Here they somehow justify themselves: “Well, we protect Ukrainians from fascists.” They ask, what is happening in Kiev, and I drop them links to Webcams. Don’t watch TV.

– You wrote an open letter to O. Tabakov for his anti-Ukrainian position?

– I made a video to it. I wanted to do it at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of public television. I am a member of the Council, moreover, the members of the Council formed by presidential decree. But then I thought that I just will not say, and then I chose this form – video. I turned to Oleg Pavlovich, whom I respect as an actor, but I couldn’t bear what he did. It was hypocrisy. I don’t believe he understands what is happening. It is a tragedy and the Ukrainian and Russian artists, because those cultural ties that we had, they were vzaimopomoschi. How many of us, Ukrainians, was in Moscow, and how much we put performances. How was it possible to say that Russia itself is a genius, and all the other younger brothers? We are working toward a common world culture, considering that it is the world’s common cultural space, which cannot be broken. It turns out that possible.

– N. S. Mikhalkov also the cowardly way he behaved towards Ukraine. It is true that he stood in front of Kasyanov, who was Prime Minister of Russia, on his knees?

– True, but it was done artistically. He was the first visitor appointed Prime Minister Kasyanov. After the report of the Secretary he comes into the office, throws himself on his knees, Georgian, goes on his knees to his feet, and said: “Give money for the movies.” I think Nikita did it in front of each Prime Minister. He’s just an actor, even in this.

– You say that in private conversations, well-known actors and Directors say I love Ukraine, but the circumstances… And when things will change, they will say that they were misled, to shroud the eyes were?

– I am absolutely sure that those people who we call, the change of notation in the air, and we don’t have time to say anything, and they give interviews as they love Ukraine, Putin – the enemy, AP – bastards. Just as they hypocrites now, they would be hypocritical in the future. “Trouble” only in the fact that there is the Internet, and all what they say, said and will say is recorded.

– Why aren’t you drugged Russian propaganda? You made of different stuff?

Yes. Not only I but also my family. We never voted for Putin. When Putin became President, Kasyanov became Prime Minister. He and his wife were terribly surprised that we did not vote for Putin. I said that Mike and so to become Prime Minister, and I am for this gamesnow bastard will not vote. I believe that the people who worked in the intelligence community, should not even come close to state to the Board. Let them develop their narrow niche. They need to do their thing straight. They see different, especially personnel who went through the Soviet school. They have the brains of others. I’m not talking about those young guys who work for democracy. I also believe that artists should not go into public service.

– In your opinion it is right that today Ukraine has banned a lot of Russian movies, TV series?

– Probably correctly, given that Ukraine has no such means to counter-propaganda that Russia has. Pensioners can not live from pension to pension, and vbuhivayut huge amounts of money in propaganda. Therefore, the Ukrainian leadership chose a way of protection. Perhaps it would be possible to run thin. I would advise our government individually, a point to consider each case. Not to cut % increases. This is a delicate area and the actions of some fool-the official harm Ukraine.

– In Ukraine will not let Russian many pop artists that are either in the occupied Crimea, sung, or signed anti-Ukrainian letters. They need not to start?

– Ukraine adopted a law which clearly defines all actions associated with the occupation of Crimea. On the basis of this law, the visit to Crimea was a crime. If you have held the fact of a visit to Crimea, it turns out that you illegally crossed the border of a sovereign state: the law starts to work. I think in this case it is necessary somehow to individually consider. But, most likely, have neither the strength nor the time nor the personnel. Therefore, there are mistakes that are hurtful to people who fall under the comb. And they are on the side of Ukraine, on the side of our country.

– What do you think about our artists, who are touring in Russia? About our several million Ukrainians are migrant workers working in Russia?

It is very difficult to explain to people that they should refuse the money. When a lot of money and want to make it very much, can you remember that you are from Ukraine, and how many people die in the East of Ukraine, and make some conclusions. But when we are talking about people in Russia earn pennies, you probably could make some program to help these people and try to give them the opportunity for employment in other countries. The person who earns $ 500. a month and sends them here, and the money to live here with his family, to urge him to ensure that he refused the money, can and should, but this should be done delicately, not to act rashly, and, above all, to provide him with some alternative. That man said, “I can feed my family in Ukraine, at home, or go to a friendly Poland or some other country.” And the government should work in this regard.

– What do you think about Putin?

– I think that he is cunning, but stupid. I think before 2008 we saw another Putin. And many liked him. I didn’t like him ever. Had the opportunity to work, earn money, do business. I don’t know what happened to him. Maybe the state of health, but he is, indeed, another.

– And his rating of 86% do you believe?

– I do not believe.

– You are so hard-hitting talk about Putin, and he will in the Kremlin, the title was awarded.

– It was 2004, shortly after he dismissed M. M. Kasyanov. I don’t think the national title he gave me – I gave it to the people. I have, since 1975, worked for the people, for the sake of my viewers. It’s just the symbol of my unconditional contribution to the art.

– What Putin will, in your opinion?

– Nothing good will. I hope that virgin will listen to reason, and he would be horrified deeds of their hands. I don’t believe that someone will remove it, or the opposition will do so, that it will not elect in the 18th year. Elect. Even if the elections are without fraud, will still elect. Russia needed just such a leader, and he became the mouthpiece of the fact that the undercurrent was in the Russian people. He voiced what was in them.

– You said that Russia should be deprived of the right to host the world Cup in the 18th year. Do you think you are deprived, or not?

– I think not. I think that trump has taken the policy of appeasing Vladimir Putin, that he’ll turn around and start back. But they do not know him: he won’t turn and will shove, like a sheep at a new gate. He has enough brains to pull their business, which he runs. It meets the aspirations of today’s Russian people.

– Last year you said that you think Russia has come a Khan. So it has come already, or not?

– I think, in the form in which we see the state come. And the whole question only in time.

– And it will all end in Russia?

– I am afraid that this would end the bloody disintegration of Russia. In 1991 the Lord God sent us a gift – freedom from the Communist yoke, without blood. But such gifts God doesn’t give twice. I am very afraid of this, I have grandchildren, children in Russia, and I’m worried all my soul for everything that’s wrong with this country.

In 2016 you moved to live in Ukraine. Why?

– Couldn’t take it anymore. First, our theater is defeated completely. Was a selected building, selected a budget, the troupe dispersed, I walked away, leaving the statement, but I would still be “gone.” Continue to work in Russia, I could not. Here, in their homeland, I demanded. At the moment I put in the Dnepropetrovsk musical-drama theatre. Shevchenko musical “Fiddler on the roof”. Absolutely wonderful staff, very talented people, and I with the great pleasure worked. The Dnepr is my hometown, I love it, as well as Novomoskovsk. For me to be there is not emigration.

– Don’t you think that Ukraine is being reformed too slow, too slow in Europe?

I guess we have a lot still to learn. The euphoria after independence, that of itself it happens, it should dissipate and be replaced by work, responsibility for every promise, for each given word. For starters, do not throw cigarette butts on the floor, destroy a puddle in front of your entrance. Do not write to the President that we have a pool, but bring neighbors and make. Much of what I see is, first, the carelessness of the Ukrainians themselves. My hope for the young. I think they should take this country in your hands, display it on the European path of development, and not to talk the language, and to work. No there is no other recipe. First and foremost, you need to make the country to engage in culture and education. We are not a banana Republic, we are a technological country. We have a very bright brain, especially among the young, in a high-tech technology. We can compete with the most outstanding guys who are sitting in Silicon valley.

– What happened to you in the Theophany?

I’ve asked him to do me a survey, and before that I studied in Israel, and there I have found metastases. I came in Feofaniya, I did the test and congratulated me because they found nothing. Watching the Israeli drive, they told me that their machine does not see what he sees in the Israeli system, so it is necessary to trust the Israeli apparatus. They do their examination on the basis of gallium, and we – on the basis of radiation of glucose. Modern machines – so, drugs are not suitable. I say to them: “why didn’t you tell me about this? I.e. a single Ukrainian, who goes to Israel, comes in Theophany, pay for it, and you tell him that he is healthy”. And the patient is so constituted that he has more faith in good than in bad. It’s murder, really. They have a duty to warn, duty to beat all the bells, shout to the world that “we suck” in this case. It is urgent to decide to survey people to date.

– I want to wish you good health. To not to complete the interview on a sad note, let’s call it a culture.

– My most popular tune is “Carnival”. And Peter Maga we recently wrote a song about Kiev.

– Thank You, Vladimir.