Hyperloop pod breaks own speed record


The Testing of the futuristic hyperloop transportation system have managed to propel one of its lugs to 355km/h (220mph).

The tests to establish a new record for the technology only days after a separate prototype hit 324km/h.

Hyperloop makes the cloves of garlic in an airless tunnel, and seeks to accelerate at very high speeds to cut the travel time for freight and passengers.

Backers of the hyperloop idea, claiming that, eventually, the pods will travel at speeds of about 1,000 km/h.Speed racer

The idea of the version of the hyperloop transport system currently under development has been introduced in 2013 by the owner of Tesla Elon Musk. This week has seen the first tests of prototypes of cars or pods on a mile-long test track near Los Angeles. A pod made by a German student of the team came top in this competition.

In an Instagram post, Mr. Musk has said that once the prototype of the competition has been completed, the hyperloop team leave a “pusher ” pod” to travel by himself on the tunnel of the test track.

The push button pod has been used to obtain some of the prototypes to the bottom of the track during the tests.

The execution by itself, the plunger of the pod, the new record before things began to burn, wrote Mr Musk. He described the spectacle of the pod race on the track as “…a bit like running with a tugboat”.

Improvements to the test track could mean the pods reach 500 km/h, in the next month, he said.

The series of tests this week suggest that the technology is close to the speed at which existing terrestrial transport technology travel.

Earlier this month, China has begun to give its high-speed “Fuxing” trains travel at speeds of almost 350 km/h (217mph).

It is also looking into ways to upgrade to high speed track to pass more quickly – perhaps at speeds approaching 400 km/h.