How much will you give me for my false teeth?

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If the seizure of the family silver signals a desperate need for cash, what is the transfer of one’s own teeth say about your financial situation?

A set of gold false teeth was one of the more unlikely elements pawnbroker Nathan Finch offered.

“It was not the most pleasant of transactions, but we have the credit,” he says.

Jewelry is at the pawn frequent, as security for a loan, but during 30 years in the pawnbroking trade, he says, he has experienced some of the more creative suggestions from customers.

“Everything from designer handbags, Mont Blanc pens, and a lot of signed memorabilia; we even had people offer a racehorse and a fish steamer,” says Mr Fink, managing Director of Pickwick Pawnbrokers.

“You never know what is going to come out through the door. It can be a very small diamond ring in the hand of someone, or there is a large statue under his arm.”

Through the thick, alarmed doors, in the narrow vault under its High Street pawnbroking shop, Mr Finch art works, designer handbags and even Louis Vuitton dog collar.

His experience is not unique. The British, various pawnbrokers specialists in Rolex watches, luxury cars or Antiques.

So why need someone in possession of an Aston Martin or an expensive watch, to look foot in a pawnbrokers’ shop you a loan?

“The typical reason that a customer may be a pawn shop almost exclusively cash flow. It’s not that they are assets, or that it is not wealth, it is not only that you will have money by a certain date.

“It could be, could be, school fees, extra money for a holiday, it could loan a crisis, how you can get your car back on the road. It is a cycle of the need is driven by a crisis or some luxury expenses.”
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The research suggests that day-to-day expenses, and the costs are high on the list of customers, the need for quick money.

“Pawnbrokers tend to take people through a short-term cash flow Problem, and then the article redeemed. I am happy and you are happy,” says Mr Fink.How does pawnbroking work?

A customer “pledges” an Element, such as a gold ring for a set period of time, usually six months
Pawnbrokers are 50% to 60% of the value of the thing as a cash credit
The customer pays a 7% to 8% interest every month
An article can be redeemed during the term due to repayment of the original loan and any interest up to the date
If the customer can’t pay back the loan at the end sold the business of the pawnbroker, the item and returns any surplus to the customer

For more information, contact the National Pawnbrokers Association. Consumer advice on pawnbroking is from the citizens advice and the money advice service

This happiness may be short-lived. To pay otherwise, the loan and the interest on the top, it means the farewell to the prized possessions.

To lend even if the item is redeemed – and, in most cases, it is – then with a pawnbroker can be a relatively expensive way, says the Money Advice Service.

“You can usually only lend to a percentage of the value of the item you want to pawn. So if, for example, you have some pieces of jewelry to the value of £200, you may only be able to borrow £100.”

Interest is typically higher than a standard bank loan, but usually less than a payday lender. But in contrast to these loans someone with a bad credit history can access pawnbroking services, as long as you have a thing to pledge.

The money Advice Service suggests, people who want to farmers should shop around for the best deal, and also:
Choose a company that is a member of the National Pawnbrokers Association, the code of conduct for the members
Ensure that the company is regulated by the FCA
You understand the value of the element, the you the attachment
You are aware that a complaint can be raised with the lender, and, if unresolved, to the Financial Ombudsman Service

There are only 44 new cases were treated, of the Financial Ombudsman about pawnbroking in the last year – and only 30%, as confirmed in the Complainants’ favor. In the three months to April, less than 30 cases have been recorded, registered as empty on the Ombudsman’s latest data.

This indicates either a high degree of satisfaction with the customer or a lack of awareness of the Ombudsman, or both.

It is certainly advantageous in comparison to the larger consumer-credit market, which saw complaints rise from 89% in the year to April, after a 40% rise in the year.

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Complaints have no more mushrooms out of the ground, but the industry has. While the unsecured credit market, including overdrafts and credit cards – has grown rapidly in the last couple of years, prompting fears of a consumer debt bubble, the pawnbroking sector is still relatively niche.

Only 4% of the adult population uses a pawn shop, according to Ray Perry, chief executive of the National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA).

Customers are more likely to be women than men (60/40-split) at the age of 25 to 40 years old and in a job.

The stricter regulation has thinned out, the number of pawnbrokers. To provide all companies with a license credits for consumer reauthorised by the regulatory authority – the Financial Conduct Authority. The process was long and intense, and many withdrew from the industry as a result.

The NVA had more than 200 members before, now it has 150. The combined loan book of its 1.200-retail £700m, according to a maximum value of over £850m, although the price drop has played gold a role in this reduction.E-Farmer

Nathan Finch also points to challenges facing the industry from the new technology and comfort, used by money-lending competitors.

“Many young people do not want to bring in an item. Many of the transactions and the financing is done via apps nowadays.

“Pawnbrokers technology can develop to keep up with in order to try that. The first Deposit-the item will always be physically, but the way in which we transfer the money and the communication with customers is the modernization.

“I think we are donors in competition with the credit for another 3,000 years.”

He says, “the other”, the 3000 years, because the history of pawnbroking goes back three millennia.

The Chinese were the pledge of their goods, and then for shipbuilding, the cost of the war, and exploration.

Modern pawnbroking began in Northern Italy in the middle ages, with the cleavage of the Medici and their family’s crest between the bankers and pawnbrokers, with the latter under the three-balls-sign – a symbol that survived to the present day.