British rappers have laughed at the cat Suppurative and admired the Dirty Ramirez

London grime-artist Ghetts (Justin Clark) with friends watched clips Russian rappers and shared experiences. A video interview published on the YouTube channel MAXIM Russia.

“What? He defeated Oxymoron?” — Ghetts surprised after seeing the performance of rapper Purulent. The musicians laughed at the cat, accidentally appeared in the video.

The British were delighted with the video for the song Jean Grey performers Sidodži Дубоshit and Dirty Ramirez. They particularly enjoyed the mask, which featured rappers.

Seeing Oxymoron music video for the track “the city under the soles”, Ghetts told about the acquaintance with a musician: “a Good man and knows what he’s doing”. Then rappers got distracted by a mosquito that flew into the Studio.