What to do with bitcoins: Ukrainians are learning how to use cryptocurrencies

In Ukraine, is gaining popularity of bitcoins, the cryptocurrency, “virtual money” that is not controlled by the state. They are calculated in the shopping and save for a rainy day. This week in Kiev, even mounted cryptomate terminals to buy bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency cannot be felt to the touch or take the cash. But today they can be pay for cinema tickets, flower delivery and installation services. In Kiev, even found a grocery store that also accept virtual currency. “Just paid 34. To pay with bitcoin is very easy: go to the electronic wallet and just throws bitcoins to our address”, – says the saleswoman Julia.

Economist Alexei Luponosov Bitcoin accumulate savings. The first coin expert bought when the price of each was three hundred dollars. “The estimated price bitcon has passed for 4 thousand dollars. This was an investment buy, I’m not paying them,” says the economist.

The so-called “digital gold”, you can make your own. Enough to have an Internet connection and special equipment. “Miner solves mathematical problems and passes them on to the pool – the Association of miners who work on a mathematical task. As a reward, miners receive bitcoins and share,” says sales Director mining equipment Pavel Datsyuk.

Now for a year and a half of one miner can earn one bitcoin, or four thousand dollars. “Our miner worked from the first of February 2017 every day, and that there is a balance of 0.9 of bitcoin, we earned 4 thousand dollars,” says Datsyuk.

Virtual currency is already possible to pay in the U.S., Sweden and Denmark.