Samsung gets the self-driving car permit in California


Samsung has been granted permission to test self-driving cars on public roads in California.

The permitted means of its autonomous vehicles will be able to travel on the same roads as the cars used by humans.

The firm said that it had no intention of making its own driverless cars, but rather to control systems for autonomous vehicles.

In May, Samsung has had the permission to test self-driving cars in South Korea, equipped with its own sensors and software.

The company has taken several steps recently to strengthen its self-driving car technology division.

One of the biggest steps has been its $8bn (£6.2 bn) acquisition at the end of last year, of the vehicle audio firm Harman.

He said that he bought the business to help it establish itself in the “connected” car systems.

The South Korean firm also has a significant shareholding in the car manufacturer Renault, and is believed to be helping it to develop its own self-driving controls.

In spite of the connection with Renault, Samsung is working on self-driving cars in Korea of the South, customize Hyundai cars to work on their own.

Samsung is just one of a growing list of technology companies, test or invest in the self-driving car technology.

Google, Apple, Baidu, Nvidia and Uber are all doing it.

In addition, many established automakers are pushing on with in-car tech which will gradually move control of a vehicle away from human drivers, such as advanced cruise control, parking self-service and the duties of a pilot.