‘All they have to do is give me a blow of phone’

Mr. Smith, who this week announced that it href=”http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/current-affairs/dick-smith-to-pay-for-attack-ads-targeting-abc-alleged-bias/news-story/3b325d58fe20b17d97c9a015fa6058bb” against the national television for “treason” of bias in the debate on href=”http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/australias-going-to-be-an-asian-country-gerry-harvey-says-immigration-cant-be-stopped/news-story/84daa2cf74c10dacc56ac88701d244b9″said that he was “incredibly angry” after href=”http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/drum#”.

The episode featured host Julia Baird, the Choice of the chief executive officer, Alan Kirkland, marketing strategist Toby Ralph, Institute of Public Affairs of the author Georgina Downer, and Fairfax journalist Mark Kenny.

“It was just full of lies,” Mr. Smith said.

Last month, Mr. Smith has launched a $ 1 million advertising campaign of the call of Australia\’s annual migration intake to be revised downward to 200,000 in the long-term average of 70 000 inhabitants, in order to stabilize the population less than 30 million dollars.

Mr. Smith took issue with being characterized on The Drum as an “anti-immigration”, with the stakeholders to describe his anti-ABC of the advertising campaign as a “stunt”, and with the claims he was going to do a $2 million donation to the same Nation.

“All they have to do is give me a phone call,” he said.

“Nobody says, ” Have a look at the ad first, look at his Just Going to Manifest.’ They come with lie after lie. I\’ve never had an anti-immigration ad, it was on perpetual growth. I\’ve always been incredibly pro-immigration — that is why our country is so fantastic, but at 70 000 per year, the long-term average.”

He recalled that the anti-ABC\’s ads were not a stunt. “It has been a part of my continuing campaign that you need to have a discussion on the population,” he says. “I\’ll be there at 4.30 pm and will ask to be on the show.

“They probably won\’t let me on because they have to choose all of these people who, basically, simply spruik growth for a reason. Obviously, there is a certain orientation to the CBA that anyone who doubts the growth must be racist.”

And he described the suggestion that he was going to donate $ 2 million for A Nation as a “distortion”. “No one has ever told me to give the money to Pauline Hanson?’,” he said.

“My plan is to launch an advertising campaign to the limit of the seats to support the one that has a population policy, and I am totally convinced by [the next election], I\’m going to have a major party with a population policy.”

During the episode, stakeholders have suggested Mr. Smith\’s anti-ABC\’s attack had forced the broadcaster to discuss his positions. “Maybe one of the reasons of the ABC, and indeed all the other media outlets have not covered this date is because it is not really a well founded argument,” Mr. Kirkland said.

“If you look at the migration, mainly the people who come here are better educated than the rest of us, their children do better in school, they are in general of the workforce of the age … which delays the impact of the ageing of the population.

“We are so getting a lot of migration for the moment. It is oriented toward the provision of what employers need, and that is what fuels the economy. This is one of the most consistent forces driving economic growth in Australia, decade after decade.”

Mr. Kirkland said the real issue is that the infrastructure has not kept pace with immigration. “The cup of the immigration do not, we just need to better plan for the effects of immigration on the demand for services,” he said.

In a statement, a spokesman for the ABC said the panelists were invited to talk about a variety of topics, their opinions are their own and we have no control of what they say”.

“The people involved last night … expressed a range of views on Dick Smith and all subjects, and Mr. Smith, his campaign on the population has been fully covered,” she said.

“It was a chart from the Nine Network used the term “anti-immigration”. The discussion around Mr. Smith\’s, a gift of money to A single Nation has been founded on Mr. Smith\’s comments, which have been widely reported. The ABC does not distort Mr. Smith comments”.

Sustainable Australia president William Bourke.Source:Supplied


It came as Mr Smith announced that he had joined a political party for the first time in his life — but categorically excluded from the race for the presidency. “There is no chance that I am running,” he said.

Sustainable, Australia, where the actions of Mr Smith\’s views on the reduction of the migration intake, is hoping the high-profile support will have on the 750-member line needed by next month to record a NSW state part-time for the month of March 2019 elections.

Party chairman and founder, William Bourke, who was shot in 6.5% of the vote when he ran for Joe Hockey\’s North Sydney seat in 2015 elections, has declared to be Sustainable, Australia was on a “massive recruitment campaign”.

Sustainable, Australia currently has more than 1000 members of the federal government and about 375 in NSW. “We are really confident to make the 750, especially with Dick Smith,” he said. “It is free to join right now, and the memberships have already started to roll in the door this morning.”

Mr. Bourke, who believes that the party may ask a number of candidates in the new south wales upper house, said Mr. Smith had been a “friend of the party for several years.”

“We will do our best to convince Dick to perform, but there is a lot of water to go under the bridge,” he said. “We have a whole range of high-profile candidates and a lot of people approaching us now that Dick is officially on board.”

While immigration is a federal issue, Mr Bourke said there were a number of means of the state, governments could “push back”. “The states do have a significant influence on the issue of immigration,” he said.

“The governments of the states to enter into agreements with the Department of Immigration to create migration programs, so that states can opt out of these agreements. They can put pressure on the federal government to say, ” It is the overcrowding of our cities, suburbs and towns, over-exploitation is a problem and our environment is suffering.’”

Mr Bourke said while the development of the property was an important industry, it has been “dominating our economy and it should not be.” “We need to diversify the economy and invest too much capital, which is currently underway in the building in our factories, farms and small businesses,” he says.

“The sooner you move away from an unsustainable property Ponzi, the easier it will be to make the transition towards a sustainable and prosperous economy.”