Wooden bike class luxia

On the “Ukraine” rode all my friends. And I was lucky at the time with “Stork”. So look for Ukrainian bikes I started with these brands. And immediately came to Kharkov Bicycle plant. Petrovsky. Where not just “Ukraine” for UAH 975, but even the “Ukraine Lux” for 1 UAH 195! And where were my eyes and brain, when I bought the children expensive foreign “Bunnies” if our Junior — up to UAH 1 000?!

In Kharkov there is another velozavod provides a reinforced road bikes “vodan” in a price range from 90 to 120 dollars.

Further search in the low – and mid-price segment was interrupted by a letter which a colleague introduced me to a new project of her friend Woodrover.

Yes! Wooden bike! Which, according to Valery Gorbatov — the man who invented it and started to produce in Ukraine (the prototype appeared in the early September of this year) — “not those Chinese firewood that you can buy in the store for 3 and 3.5 thousand UAH”.

Bike wooden, of course, not all — only the frame. And just frame it domestic. All components — from the best brands and manufacturers. Because: “unfortunately, Ukraine still does not make quality components. But we work hard to make even a wooden steering wheel and fork.”

Valery is implementing this project for themselves and those “Ukrainians and Europeans, who love stylish, original things.”

Direct konkurentom this velomarket are American bikes RENOVO.

Our two-wheeled Rover (Yes, it is in some Western regions of Ukraine the villagers called bikes and it is from heard there name bike-cars brand was born Woodrover) costs 3 $ 700. Foreign equivalent — 5 $ 400.

The Creator says that his child is in no way inferior to a regular mountain bike strength, speed, vibration damping and weight (15 kg).

This time will calculate the budget “velosipednye” family of man, where his father “likes original and stylish things”, and mother and child are economic patriots.


The price of the Ukrainian

Price as would have happened if not for the focus on Made in Ukraine


Bike WoodRover — 51 800 UAH.

Bike WoodRover — 75 600 UAH.


The bike “Ukraine Lux” — 1 195 UAH

Bike Comanche Rio Grande — 4 825 UAH


Bike HUS Junior — 1 000 UAH.

Bike Comanche MOTO– 28 22 UAH.


53 995 UAH

83 247 UAH


35% or 29 252 UAH

*Pay attention to what is not-Made in Ukraine the budget submitted is minimal, and as it would be in my case, don\’t be a Patriotic concept. That is, places and brands that are more likely to get out earlier.