The police of Catalonia, there is evidence that the involved in the terrorist attacks, the Imam died in the explosion in Alcanar

Madrid. 21 Aug. INTERFAX – the head of the regional police of Catalonia Josep Luis Trapero said that the Imam of Abdelbaki es-Satti, who, according to investigators, was an accomplice of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils probably destroyed in the explosion in Alcanar.

“In Alcanar was discovered the remains of two people. Everything points to the fact that among the dead in the house was the Imam of Ripoll”, – he said at a press conference on Monday.

According to H. Trapero, the police of Catalonia has a “sufficiently important and reliable information” that one of the dead bilimum of Abdelbaki es-Satti.

On the eve of the Belgian media reported that the Imam es-Satti repeatedly visited Belgium in 2015.

The Imam is suspected that he played a major role in the radicalization of members of the terrorist cell that carried out the attacks in two cities of Catalonia.

Interviewed neighbors of the Imam in Ripoll believe that he moved to Belgium, as he claims, and was going to do. According to another version, he returned to Morocco.

He was last seen in Ripoll on the eve of explosion in Alcanar.

As a result of two terrorist attacks that occurred in Catalonia last week, 15 people died and over 100 were injured.

The evening of 17 August the van had run into a crowd of people on a pedestrian street Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

Later, five people were injured and one was killed while trying pedestrians in Barcelona, and then in a shootout with the terrorists was shot by a police officer. The attackers were killed by return fire police.