The Jewish community of Barcelona, there was a discussion about whether or not to stay in the city after the attack

Moscow. 21 Aug. INTERFAX – Representative of the Jewish community of Barcelona Victor Sorensen denied the prophecy about the disappearance of the community, by the chief Rabbi of the city Meir Bar-hen, and promised that the local Jews did not leave the city after the terrorist attacks committed by Islamists.

“Barcelona is a city in which Jews lived for a hundred years and which they are proud. We Jews are not leaving our city”, – wrote V. Sorensen in an email, “Times of Israel”, commenting on the words of M. Bar-hen that the Barcelona community “doomed”, because the authorities in Spain do not want to confront radical Islam.

V. Sorensen noted that the Jews of Barcelona had a colorful past and a positive future, which are an integral part of this multicultural city.

“Since 1977, with the advent of democracy, the Jewish community played an active role in the social structure of Barcelona. The Jewish community is actively involved in social, cultural and religious life of the society and relates to the institutions of the city, Catalonia and Spain,” he said, noting that next year the community will celebrate the centenary of its restoration after the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.

V. Sorensen also said that the attack will not change the loyalty of the Jewish community of Barcelona. “The scourge of terrorism very embarrassing for our city as other European cities. In these moments of distress the Jewish community weeps with all, pray in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack, and even more – community are ready to assist the authorities in everything they may need,” he says.

“Terrorism, with its vile mechanisms of fear will not defeat us. Barcelona is not afraid. This cowardly attack will make us stronger. It is time of solidarity, not sensational headlines,” adds V. Sorensen.

In an interview with JTA, published on the morning of 18 August, Rabbi M. Bar-Hyun, stressing that acts as a private person, not as a community leader, called on the community to leave what he called the “center of Islamist terror throughout Europe” for many years.

“I tell my parishioners: don’t think we are here forever. And I urge them to buy a property in Israel. This place is lost. Do not repeat the mistakes of the Algerian Jews, and Venezuelan Jews. Better [to leave] sooner than later,” said the Rabbi.