Elisabeth moss defends Scientology after fan compares it to Gilead

Elisabeth moss defended Scientology after a fan on her Instagram account drew Parallels between movement and Gilead, the dystopian homeland is depicted in the handmaid’s tale.

Elisabeth moss on the handmaid’s tale: is feminist history’

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Moss was raised as a Scientologist, but rarely speaks about it in the media lately say that the issue was “private, no admittance”.

However, actor and producer, was invited to speak after a fan named @moelybanks asked her if work on the hit drama made her “think twice about Scientology.”

“As Gilead and Scientology believe that all external sources (aka the news) is not evil… it’s just a very interesting” @moelybanks below wrote in the Instagram post about the second season of the handmaid’s tale.

In the last season of the Handmaids Tale 1 event as long as Amy! Thank you for coming everyone last night, your love and support you show means more to us than I'LL never be able to Express in words. Do. And now we will go to work on you 2nd season!!! Which by the way is going to blow your mind…