Russia became the leader in exile in Israel

*** According to the Israeli Minister, the events around the Crimea and Donbass did not lead to hatred of repatriated immigrants from Russia and from Ukraine

Kharkov. August 16. INTERFAX – Russia in the last year moved into first place in the three countries, as the leading source of immigrants to Israel, said the Minister of environmental protection of the state of Israel, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and heritage Zeev Elkin.

“The last five years, three countries – France, Ukraine and Russia – the leading source of repatriation, they occupy the first three places, alternating between them. (…) But in the last year in the first place Russia. (…) In the fourth place, the United States,” said Z. Elkin, in an interview to “Interfax”.

As for Ukraine, then, according to him, after the events of February-March of 2014 and the beginning of the war in the Donbass, the flow of Ukrainian immigrants grew up, but now it decreased slightly.

“If before these events, France was in the lead as a source of immigration to Israel, after the revolution on the Maidan and the beginning of the war, Ukraine was ranked first as a source of repatriation”, – said Z. Elkin.

He assured that the relations between Ukraine and Russia will not affect relations of people from these countries living in Israel.

“It is clear that the citizens of Israel, who came from Ukraine or from Russia, have different positions on Crimea and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, and they, incidentally, does not always correspond to how the person arrived. But the hostility between the community of immigrants from Ukraine and the community of immigrants from Russia, I do not see”, – said Z. Elkin.