In FFU decided to continue holding matches in the Premier League and Cup of Ukraine in Mariupol

In the House of football held a meeting of the Committee of stadiums and security of competitions of the football Federation of Ukraine. One of the items on the agenda of the meeting was the question “About the possibility of holding matches in the Premier League on stationarities in the city of Mariupol.

After discussion of the topic, during which was made Vice-President of the Union Alexander Bandurko, the President of UPL Vladimir geninson, Vice-President of FC Mariupol Andrey Sanin and the Chairman of the Committee Gennady Prokopovich, the meeting decided to continue the matches of the Premier League season 2017/18 and matches of the Cup of Ukraine in Mariupol.

In addition, the Committee requested FC Mariupol not later than three days before the football match to carry out the operative-technical inspection of the stadium and adjacent areas, the results of which to make the Protocol (act) on the possibility of a match.

The decision was taken unanimously: 7 — For, 0 — against, 0 — Abstained.