Graham poll: Cristiano Ronaldo got off easy

Former English referee Graham poll decided to intervene in href=”” about the fairness href=”” for the removal and push the referee in the first leg Spanish Supercup between Barcelona and real Madrid.

“I am surprised that Cristiano Ronaldo was not given the maximum possible punishment, wrote in his column in the Daily Mail poll. – He got off too easy. href=”” and would advise Cristiano to take his shirt off after goals. Yes, his torso looks delicious, but why remind you of this every week and earn silly “mustard”?”

“As for the incident with the referee, Cristiano Ronaldo plays for too long in Spain, where he many get away with it. In the Premier League he never did, because all of our players know that judges – persons shall be inviolable”.

One of the most respected football referees of his time, Paul was dishonored in his career during the 2006 world Cup, when they managed to show the Croat Josip Simunic the three (!) yellow cards, before prematurely sent him from the field.