To repair the Notre Dame Cathedral needs tens of millions

Moscow. 15 Aug. INTERFAX – the Paris public, experts and advocates of historical and architectural heritage of France believe that the Notre Dame threatened slowly but surely coming into decline.

“The Cathedral is in a state where its major elements in a short time can not function, and would threaten the stability of the entire structure,” – said the representative of the main Catholic Church of France Andre Fino, who was cited on Tuesday “the Russian newspaper”.

According to experts, in order to avoid this, in the next 20 years will require 100 million euros and 50 million in the next ten.

A number of old drains, crowned heads, mythical gargoyles, had to be replaced, apparently, in the interim, pipes of PVC. Themselves gorgoli, like a number of other loose architectural elements of the Notre Dame, stacked in the courtyard.

In poor condition, according to the newspaper, is a 93-meter spire rising above the Cathedral. It swept the base is covered with slabs of lead, which in many places sprung a leak and absorb moisture, corrosive oak beams of the XII-XIII centuries. Serious restoration of demand are also flying buttresses – external retaining arches, a kind of “bearing skeleton” of Notre Dame.

On restoration work at Notre Dame is ready to allocate annually for 2 million euros. However, according to experts, this is not enough. Recently, to solve the financial problems it was decided to attract patrons, a Fund was established “the Future of the heritage of Paris”, which has already launched an appeal to raise funds towards Catholics in other countries, in particular in the United States.

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