In California, a Muslim woman sued $85 thousand for the fact that the police officer forced her to remove hijab

Washington. 14 Aug. INTERFAX – the administration of the city of long beach (USA, California) will pay $85 million as part of the settlement of litigation initiated by the Muslim woman after serving the police demanded to remove her hijab, according to TV channel si-EN-EN.

According to the lawsuit, Kirsty, Buell and her husband during a trip in his car was stopped by police for driving a car with lowered suspension.

K. Buell was a passenger, but was arrested after a female police officer discovered the warrant for her arrest in connection with supermarket theft.

Spouse K. Buell was asked to make an arrest, but his request was not met, whereupon the officer said that K. Buell must remove the hijab.

“Poll was forced to appear in public without religious headscarf,” – said in the lawsuit.