Indian activists urged the country’s Supreme court to abolish the practice of Muslim divorce

Delhi. August 11. INTERFAX – the Chairman of the Supreme court of India filed petition on the abolition of the “triple Talaka” – divorce proceedings, adopted by Muslims, according to Indian media.

In a letter to chief justice Jagdish Singh Chiharu the activists stated that thousands of Indian Muslim women wait for a solution that would stop the practice when men can divorce their wives without warning – sometimes even via Skype, WhatsApp or text message.

“The absence of any legal protection leaves Muslim women vulnerable to arbitrary and unjust divorce. She is homeless and destitute in an instant. She and her children are left without support,” reads the letter submitted by activists.

It is noted that the practice of “triple Talaka” is banned in most Muslim countries.

Earlier, the government supported the initiative to abolish this practice, calling it undemocratic.