Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” does not intend to reduce staff Director

Saint-Petersburg. August 3. INTERFAX – the State Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral” has not reduced any employee determined by the administration, said the Director of the institution Yuri Mudrov “Interfax” on Thursday.

“No one in the administration was not dismissed or reduced. From the Museum left a few of the employees by agreement of the parties. There are only six-seven people. Their care is that, for example, I can’t keep the two rates of drivers of the stage, if we have no scene. And so on,” – said Yuri Mudrov.

According to the Director of the Museum, some of the employees were asked to combine work at different rates, were also allocated separate staff for the position of press Secretary.

“For example, Maria Morozova, which was the usual head of division, somehow got another 0.25 rate intended for press Secretary. We have this situation corrected, allocated a separate full rate for press Secretary, and now we have one. Maria Morozova is on vacation and there gives comments to the media (on reduction of staff of the Museum – if),” – said Yuri Mudrov.

He added that the Museum does not intend to reduce the number of employees.

Earlier in the city, media reported citing M. Morozov that the GMF St Isaac’s Cathedral laying off workers.