Moscow Church of St. Nicholas in zvonari transferred to the ownership of the Russian Church

Moscow. August 3. INTERFAX – the Department of city property of Moscow has published the order about transfer to property of the Russian Orthodox Church of objects of cultural heritage of Federal value “the Church of St. Nicholas in zvonari”, built in the second half of the XVIII century on the street Rozhdestvenka, the website of the Financial management of the Church.

In the early XVII century on this place was the so-called “crack house” with a wooden Nikolskaya Church, which replaced stone for about 1657. Later this area was inhabited by bell ringers from Ivan the Great and watchmen of the Kremlin cathedrals. Since 1677 the Church was became a commonly used name – “the ringers”.

In 1760, on the orders of Catherine II on the money, count I. I. Vorontsov, who had an extensive estate here, coming down to the river the river, began to build a new stone Church. The Church of St. Nicholas was completed two years later, apparently as a house, which explains its small size.

Three chapels (Nicholas, of the beheading of John the Baptist, Dimitry of Rostov) existed till 1762, and the chapel of St. Sergius was built in 1766. Extant building constructed in Baroque style. It combines classical principles with Russian traditions and a compact dome composition with a cross-shaped interior.

In 1933 the Church was closed. The Church has placed the warehouse, and from the mid-1960s, the Department of the Moscow architectural Institute.

In 1994, the Church had established a Farmstead pühtitsa Dormition convent (Estonia). Here with honors returned miraculously survived years of rebellion in a particularly venerated icon of the Mother of God “perishing”.