Miner without any problems defeated Mariupol

Miner was the obvious favorite of the current clash and the Champions of Ukraine failed to prove it on the football field. After unpersuasive game in the last round against Steel (2:1), when the Pitmen snatched victory in the last seconds of the meeting, many fans of the Pitmen began to fear for the home team. But today, Shakhtar’s confident win over Mariupol managed to appease their fans.

Debutants of the Premier League very confidently started the match, taking the ball under control, and immediately given to understand that the “orange and black” they are not afraid. However, the miner was his answer. Yes, what! Team Fonseca spent exemplary counterattack in the best traditions of real Madrid, in the end, Srna crossed for Bernard, and the Brazilian’s first touch struck their opponents. Perfect counter-attack.

A few minutes later Fomin was able to restore parity, but the ex-player of Shakhtar did not have enough composure in the last line. After that, the Pitmen had several real chances to score their second goal, but Mariupol repeatedly rescued by Rustam Khudzhamov, who, incidentally, also had a story with the miner.

At the end of the second half, the nominal owners still achieved the desired result. Marlos in his style twisted ball into the far corner from outside the penalty area and doubled the advantage for his team. Very interesting was the reaction of head coach of Mariupol Oleksandr Sevidov. On the face mentor was bewilderment and disappointment, and banal surprise.

The second half was more boring than the first, but the goals, the audience still saw. Fonseca tried to refresh the game output Petryak. Ivan tried very hard, he did a lot of rough work, but still he fails to impress the audience. Maybe it should a little to get rid of unwanted emotions, because his zeal and desire may not be useful, but only to harm. In the middle of the second half the Pitmen managed to score the third goal. Then Kryvtsov was in the right place at the right time and with a couple of meters shot their opponents — 3:0.

Still, Mariupol managed to score a consolation goal. Tishchenko responded to a cross from the flank and struck into the corner of the net. 3:1 — a confident victory of the team of Fonseca, but Sevidova there remains a lot of work. Today it became clear that all this talk about getting into the top six for the first part of the season is premature.

Alexander Belly, Football.ua

Shakhtar – Mariupol 3:1
Goals: Bernard, 7, Marlos, 43, Kryvtsov, 67 — Tishchenko, 72

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Srna, Kryvtsov, Rakitskiy, Ismaily, Fred, Stepanenko, Marlos, Taison (Petryak, 46), Bernard (Kovalenko, 68), Ferreira (Dentinho, 78)

Mariupol: Khudzhamov, Nasonov, Jaworski, White, Nalah, Koltsov, Rudyk, Kisil (Tishchenko, 43), Mishnev (Gomis, 76), Kozhanov, Fomin (Vitsenets, 67)

Warnings: Bernard, Rakitskiy, Stepanenko, Petryak — Tishchenko, White