Medina instructs to accelerate the design of restoration works in the Novodevichy convent and check the price of some contracts

Moscow. August 3. INTERFAX – the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky at the meeting, the Department instructed “Contrastively” until March 1, 2018 to approve the final estimate on the works in the Moscow Novodevichy convent and verify the cost of some objects.

“Before 1 March next year to complete all design works, “osmetech” and approve the final table of the final expenses within the framework of the regulation on the ensemble of the Novodevichy convent. All types – contracts, how much money will be on the line suppliers. To understand the final amount we need to plan for in the budget 2018-2019 for the final completion of the work. Accordingly, design must go faster,” the Minister told reporters on Wednesday.

Among these works in the monastery is the restoration of parts of the North wall. The total area of approximately 250 square meters. The contractor is LLC “Meander”. The contract price is 65.2 million rubles.

V. Medinsky has questioned the correctness of assessment.

“I ask “Contrastively” to check pricing on the reasonableness of prices. To perform this type of work, because if we take each section of the wall will do for 1.5 million dollars… Peter you would not be praised. (…) At the level of common sense, it raises questions. So please check the prices and their justification,” – said the Minister.

He was also surprised by the set amount of 19 million rubles for the survey and design works for the Central iconostasis of the Smolensk Cathedral. He asked to discuss this issue with the “Attractively” to audit “by the standards of works for design and survey”.

Also questions were raised about the contract amount to RUR 112.8 million rubles for work in the Church of the intercession over the southern gate of the XVII century.

In 2004 the Novodevichy convent was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO, in 2010, transferred in gratuitous termless using the Moscow diocese, and by the decree of the President of Russia in 2013 is related to valuable objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.

In October 2016, it became known that the Russian government has approved a complex of measures on preservation of the historic appearance of the Novodevichy convent. To 2022, inclusive, will be held the scientific-design and repair-restoration works on objects that are part of the ensemble, while an archaeological excavation, restoration of the iconostasis of churches of the monastery.