First published book for children about the enlightener of Siberia in the Yakut language

Moscow. 4 Aug. INTERFAX – with the blessing of Archbishop of Yakutsk and Lensk Novel for the first time in Russian and Yakut languages, published the book “Saint innocent (Veniaminov). The Apostle of Siberia and America: life in the retelling for children.”

“New book for those looking for high, light role models in his life – serving God and people. Her hero – St. innocent (Veniaminov), having accepted the call of God goes to distant lands, and more than forty years gives the missionary activities in Alaska, the Aleutian, commander and Kuril Islands, Chukotka, Kamchatka, Amur river, far East and Yakutia,” – said in the Preface, quoted Friday by the official website of the Yakutsk diocese.

The book was published with the participation of the translation Department of the Yakutsk diocese, and is intended for children of middle school age.

St. innocent (Veniaminov), who is known as the Apostle of Siberia and America, was born in village Anga of Irkutsk province in 1797. Missionary, scholar-ascetic of the first who described in detail the social system and culture of peoples of Eastern Siberia and the Arctic, created the alphabet and grammar of the Aleut and Yakut languages, translated the Liturgy in the Yakut language. World popularity was gained by his works on geography, Ethnography and linguistics.

Being the head of the largest diocese of the Russian Church, Bishop of Kamchatka, the Kurile and Aleutian Islands, it on the dogs several times visited the parishes scattered at great distances along the coast of present Magadan region from Kamchatka to Okhotsk.

Saint innocent was an associate of the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia count Nikolai Muravyov-Amursky in the development of the Eastern borders of the state. Along with the enlightenment taught the indigenous inhabitants of Alaska and Siberia blacksmithing and carpentry, the basics of medicine. With the activities of his followers, entailed the emergence of written language of evens of the Okhotsk coast.

In 1868 he was appointed Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna in the place of the reposed Metropolitan Philaret. He died in 1879. Canonized in 1997 on the initiative of the Orthodox Church in America, the founder and first Metropolitan of where he was.