In the capital of Mexico has its own “spider-man”

MEXICO city, Aug 4 – RIA Novosti. The young man climbed the wall on the roof of a tall building in Mexico city without any improvised means and insurance, for which he has called social networks “spider-man”.

Posted online videos show how a young man rather quickly climbs the wall with external projections on the roof. While in the building people are watching with interest what is happening through the Windows. Then from the roof of the skyscraper he waves his hand shot to his witnesses.

While there is no official response to the incident, nor it is known whether the action of any advertising campaign or just a spontaneous action of the youth.

Una persona acaba de escalar el edificio de Nestlé en Polanco sin protección @CiroGomezL @ImagenTVMex @luismlarranaga
— Luis G. Larrañaga (@luisglarranaga) 3 Aug 2017